Towing After a Car Accident in Grand Prairie, TX; Where to Tow a Crashed Vehicle, Who Pays & More

From getting medical attention to filing insurance claims and getting legal help, you have numerous things to handle following an accident. You may have to tow your car from the accident scene to a safer place as well. Today, we at Citywide Towing Service would like to discuss the generalities of towing following an auto…

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Flatbed Tow for Overturned Vehicles in Farmers Branch, TX; Fast Car Accident Response, Safe Towing & More

Especially while speeding on the road, unforeseen accidents can cause a car to overturn. For the driver of the vehicle that rolled over and its passengers but also other vehicles passing by, such conditions are dangerous. The cars involved in the accident usually don’t enjoy the same luck, though many are fortunate enough to survive…

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