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How to Keep Car Battery from Dying & Your Vehicle Failing in Cold Weather in Dallas, TX

In comparison to many parts of the U.S. the winters in Dallas, TX are fairly mild. With chillier temperatures, crisper air, the element of winter, even here, your vehicle can still be affected. It is always nice to be prepared for a potential emergency or mechanical failure before beginning your journey. To expedite the process…

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Engine Cranks or Lights Come On But Car Won’t Start in Arlington, TX? Ignition Switch, Starter or Other

At the most inopportune time, your vehicle seems to break down. Many experiences parking the vehicle and when they get back to it to continue their journey, it won’t start. This leaves people stranded without any transportation and little chance to repair the problem. Though a bigger inconvenience when you are out, having this situation…

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Towing Technology in Grand Prairie, TX; Tow Truck & Wrecker Hydraulics VS Mechanical

From the hand cranked A-frames of the early tow trucks of 1916s to today’s flat beds and the truck cranes of today one of the most contributory technologies to efficiency of the wrecker is the inclusion of hydraulic systems. Hydraulics is the transmission of force from one object to the other using a non-compressible liquid,…

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