After a Breakdown What is the Safest Place to Wait for Roadside Assistance & More in Dallas, TX

Experiencing breakdowns and being stranded on the side of the road is frustrating enough, but exposure to the elements can put you and your passengers at risk. Partially due to the fact that most drivers do not take precautions when their vehicle breaks down on the road, the percentage of death and injuries have increased in the last few years. In the event you find that your vehicle has broken down, the safety of you and others is the top priority and, in an effort, to help keep everyone safe, we at Citywide Towing Service would like to share a few safety tips.

1) Pull Safely Onto the Side of the Road Away from Traffic Flow After a Car Breakdown

If your vehicle becomes inoperable, you should do what you can to safely get it out and away of traffic. Even on relatively smaller roads with lesser traffic, you should get off to the shoulder. You may need to push your vehicle to get it off to the side of the road depending on the severity of the issues. If you push the vehicle, experts recommend that you keep the wheel turned towards the shoulder/side of the road to prevent the vehicle from accidentally being pushed or rolled into traffic. Increase the visibility of your broken-down car by flipping on the hazard lights and place roadside cones or flares (whichever you keep in your roadside kit) around the vehicle, as well as propping the hood open.

2) Watch for Smoke Coming from Car Engine

Despite modern vehicles taking precautions to prevent fires, they can still catch in the engine. Keep vigilant and look for signs of fire and smoke. In the event you see any smoke coming from the vehicle be sure to get out and keep you and the passengers away from the vehicle until help arrives.

3) Safest Place to Wait for Roadside Assistance is in Your Car

You should do what you can to not leave the vehicle when it breaks down, except for dangerous scenarios where it is unsafe to do so. Staying in your vehicle would be a smart idea if you are not able to move the vehicle off the road. In high traffic areas especially, there is low visibility and getting out of the vehicle to attempt repairs or stretching your legs can be dangerous. If leaving your vehicle is the only option, be sure to do it with extra care and keep in mind few are paying attention and traveling at high speeds. Make sure traffic is clear before exiting the vehicle and get out of traffic as quickly and safely as possible.

4) Don’t Attempt DIY Repairs on the Roadside

Unless you are dealing with a flat tire, and even then, it is questionable, everyone, including those who know a bit about vehicles should not attempt repairs on the roadside. This only increases the risk of being hit by oncoming traffic or further damaging the vehicle. Where having a broken-down vehicle is nothing anyone looks forward to, safety is the number one priority.

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