April Showers in Arlington, TX; Drive Slower in the Rain, Allow More Stopping Distance & More to Avoid a Car Accident

Have you ever heard the term April showers bring May flowers? If not, stop for a second and think about how true this statement is. All of the rain that we receive in April truly does bring beautiful flowers in May. Here in Dallas, TX we definitely see an increase in rainfall in the month of April. While the rain does bring beautiful flowers, it also brings more accidents on the roads. Citywide Towing Service is here to give you some tips on how you can stay safe in the rain this April. After all, when it is raining outside the drivers here in Dallas can get crazy! Since we do not get tons of rain here it’s like everyone forgets how to drive normally when it’s raining and begins panicking. If you have lived here for very long you know what we are talking about. You can avoid being part of the crazy by following our simple tips.

Drive Slower in the Rain

First you will want to slow down when it starts raining. Our roads are not used to getting tons of rainfall so they get extremely slick when they are wet. Driving slower will help you navigate slick roads safely. We recommend that you drive as slow as you need to feel safe. If other drivers are annoyed by this, just ignore them. Keeping you and your passengers safe is what truly matters.

More Stopping Distance is Needed in the Rain

In addition to slowing down you will also want to take extra time maneuvering your car. Slowing down takes longer when it is raining. Give yourself plenty of space between you and the car in front of you. Then if it does take longer than anticipated to slow down you will not hit the car in front of you. You will also want to be extra cautious when you push on the gas, change lanes, or turn.

Turn on Headlights & Use Windshield Wipers when Driving in the Rain

When it rains you will want to know how to turn your headlights on and work your windshield wipers. Trying to figure out how to use these features on your car when it is pouring rain is simply not safe. Turning your headlights on will help other cars see you. Windshield wipers will make it so that you can see out of your car windows as your drive. Every car functions differently so you should figure out how to work them whenever you purchase a new car or drive a vehicle that you are not familiar with.

Do Not Drive Through Water or Floods

Here in Dallas, TX it is common for roadways to flood when it is raining. You will want to navigate through flooded waters wisely. If you do not take extra precautions you and your passengers could be seriously injured. Your car could also incur excessive damages. Do not drive on flooded roadways. Many drivers mistakenly think that since the water isn’t that deep it is okay for them to drive in it. It only takes 4 inches of standing water to create large issues for drivers. You may need to adjust your course or pullover until the flood water subsides.

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We hope that these tips will help keep you and your family safe this April. If you do find yourself needing to be towed due to rain or any other reasons give Citywide Towing Service a call.

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