Avoiding Common Summer Time Vehicle Problems in Rowlett, TX; Car Battery Dies in Heat & More

Each season presents its own set of problems for car owners. Winter brings snow and ice that require chains and extra precaution to prevent accidents on slippery roads. Spring brings additional rain, flooding, and slick roads. Summer brings the heat that can cause overheating, flat tires, and dead batteries. Making sure that you are aware of what types of car problems are common during each season and what can be done to avoid them can help prevent you from needing the assistance of a towing service. Since summer has officially descended upon us all here in the Greater Dallas, Texas area everyone should be familiar with typical car problems that can arise with the higher temperatures.

Car Battery Dies in Heat

Car batteries take a beating during the hot summer months. The heat and humidity take a big toll on the life and effectiveness of your car battery. Getting your car out of the heat isn’t an option for most of us. We can make sure that we are aware of how old our car battery is. Car batteries typically have to be replaced every three to five years. If your battery is reaching the point where it may need to be replaced, know ahead of time where you can go to replace it so that you don’t have to panic if it dies.

How Often Should I Put Coolant in My Car & Top Up Vehicle Fluids

As the heat rises, our air conditioning in our cars will be working extra hard to help keep our cars cool and comfortable. Faulty cooling systems can cause car engines to work harder than necessary and overheat. Overheating due to faulty cooling systems can be avoided by maintaining the correct coolant level in your car at all times. If you notice any fluids dripping from your car, you should definitely have a mechanic take a look at it. Another reason for cars overheating is simply the hot summer sun. As the temperatures rise you may notice more cars stranded on the side of the road. Keeping water in your car so that you can refill your car’s water level if needed is a good way to avoid getting stranded on the side of the road in the blistering heat due to engines overheating.

Recurring Flat Tires

Another frequent summertime car problem is an overabundance of flat tires. The hot roads flex more, causing more stress than normal on your tires, which causes them to deflate more quickly. Paying attention to the tire pressure and tire alignment should be on your list of regular car maintenance. It is recommended that tires be checked every 6,000 miles. Checking your tires before taking long car trips or when there is a heat wave rolling through can help you spot a tire problem before it leaves you stranded on the side of the road. Each car tire requires a certain amount of tire pressure. All educated drivers should learn how to check their tires. Keeping your eyes on the road so that you can avoid driving in nails and debris will also help prevent flat tires.

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We hope that you have some tips up your sleeves now for how to avoid common summertime car problems. If you become one of the thousands of drivers stranded on the side of the road this summer due to a dead car battery, overheated engine, or a flat tire don’t forget that Citywide Towing Service is always available for your roadside assistance needs!

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