Best Motor Oil for High Mileage Engines in Grand Prairie, TX for Performance & to Avoid Car Breakdowns

Engine oil, engine lubricant and motor oil are made up of a combination of base oils mixed with additives to reduce the amount of friction and wear on the moving parts located in the engine of your vehicles. Your motor oil also functions to clean and lubricate your engine by carrying heat away from the moving components. Today, the majority of motor oil is blended using base oil composed of a petroleum based hydrocarbon. Your car, truck or motorcycle all need oil to run, and the market is filled with a number of different types making it difficult for owners to select the one that will perform best on their specific vehicle.

Putting Wrong Oil in Car Causes Damage

Selecting the wrong oil can lead to unnecessary engine wear and in extreme cases engine failure. Taking the time to research the right oil on the other hand can help you save money with fuel economy and engine emissions while also ensuring that your engines efficiency, durability and longevity are increased. The knowledgeable experts at Citywide Towing recommend purchasing oil with a “starburst” symbol on the package. This symbol ensures that you are purchasing oil which has been tested and certified by the API (American Petroleum Institute). The API also uses a “donut” symbol to indicate performance quality, viscosity (how well the oil flows during a number of different weather conditions including cold weather) and energy conservation.

Engine Oil Types Explained

Conventional Motor Oil: conventional oil is typically one of the least expensive choices of motor oil available. Conventional oil can be purchased in a number of different grades and viscosity levels and can be used in a number of vehicles. This type of oil is best suited for low mileage cars with basic engines owned by drivers who schedule regular oil changes.
Fully Synthetic Oil: fully synthetic oil is best suited to vehicles with high-tech engines in part due to its superior level of performance and longevity. Synthetic oil is expensive and must pass a number of quality control tests to ensure that it is premium quality. Unless your owner’s manual specifies using synthetic oil, it is probably more cost effective to select a different option when it comes to the best oil to use in your car.
Synthetic Blend Oil: synthetic blend oil is recommended for both truck and SUVs because it combines the benefits of both fully synthetic and conventional oil. One of the many benefits of synthetic blend oil is its ability to perform well at higher temperatures while only costing a fraction more than conventional motor oil.
High Mileage Oil: today’s vehicles are designed to last and if you want to get the most out of your investment by driving your vehicle for the maximum amount of miles look for motor oil specifically designed for higher mileage cars and trucks. High mileage oil is designed with additional additives to give longevity to the internal seals located in the engine. According to market research as many as two-thirds of the vehicles on the road today have 75,000 miles or more on their odometers.

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No matter what type of vehicle you drive and what your driving habits are, it is important for every motorist to perform routine maintenance on your vehicle to prevent engine sludge and potential car breakdowns. Unfortunately though, not all breakdowns can be avoided. Whenever you do need towing and roadside assistance, call Citywide Towing!

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