Why Do Big Rig Semi Trucks Break Down & Need Emergency Roadside Assistance or Towing in Mesquite, TX?

As one of the most oversized vehicles on the roadway, and when you consider the vast distances traveled over long periods, it’s no surprise that tractor-trailer trucks are prone to frequent breakdowns. Some considerations include the age of the vehicle and the current driving conditions. If you are unfortunate enough to be involved in an accident, you will want to be confident knowing that help is available when you need it. Calling for roadside assistance is imperative to keeping your semitrailer on the road. Getting stuck in a muddy ditch or soft shoulder is inconvenient and, more importantly, puts your safety at risk. Furthermore, problems with the brakes and tires are two of the most common reasons big rig operators call roadside assistance. When it comes to eighteen-wheelers, the experts at Citywide Towing Service will send a qualified wrecker and operator to the scene with all the necessary tools and equipment to take care of the vehicle.

Reasons Big Rig Trucks Need Roadside Assistance

1. Mud Extractions: Soft shoulders and muddy ditches can cause a big rig to get stuck. This inconvenience can also affect your timetable for delivery and ultimately affect your bottom line. The professional at Citywide Towing Service understands that your time is valuable and will work fast to get you back up on the road and on your way.
2. Jackknifing: Jackknifing requires experience and extensive knowledge to get your semi straightened out safely removed from the roadway.
3. Tires: One of the most common causes for semi-tractor trailer breakdowns is tire issues. Like regular vehicles, the tires on a semi can be compromised due to overinflation and worn tread. The massive amount of weight that tires carry over long hauls expediates the wear on the tires regardless of the tire size.
4. Brakes: Brake damage is the second most common cause for big rigs requiring roadside assistance due to the immense pressure placed on the brakes and brake drum combined with exposure to more friction, heat, and stress than brakes on other vehicles. The majority of these problems can be avoided with regularly scheduled maintenance and examining the brakes for signs of wear, including rust, corrosion, water contamination, and air leaks.
5. Cooling System: the coolant system relies on several connections that can become loose, disconnected, or break during transport, leading to coolant loss and issues with the thermostat. The good news is these types of coolant system problems can be fixed easily.
6. Electrical system: tractor-trailers rely on more electrics than the average car or passenger truck. Lights, cranking the engine, and charging systems are complex pieces of equipment that require regularly scheduled service to run at optimal operating conditions. The starter motor, alternator, and battery all play an essential part in the operation of the big rig. If any of these systems fail, you will require immediate roadside assistance.
7. Refrigeration Issues: Some eighteen-wheelers are outfitted to transport temperature-controlled food, medication, and many other items. The trailer must maintain the correct temperature to ensure that the goods arrive at their destination fresh with no signs of spoilage. If a problem with the refrigeration unit occurs, roadside assistance is needed immediately to prevent the items inside from getting ruined.

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