Breakdown Tips; What to Do to Stop Your Car if Brakes Fail While Driving in Duncanville, TX

Mechanical failure generally suggests that something mechanically has happened internally to your vehicle that has made it inoperable. More often than not, you are pulled off the side of the road waiting for a reliable company like Citywide Towing to come and offer you some needed assistance. But sometimes your vehicle can experience brake failure, which prohibits you from stopping the automobile. Where it is definitely cause for alarm, it is important that you do not panic. Where not everyone will experience brake failure, it is common enough everyone should know what to do in the event it happens. Today, we at Citywide Towing would like to offer some tips in the event that your vehicle’s brakes should fail.

What Should You Do in a Worst Case Brake Fail Situation

When your brakes do not respond accordingly, the ultimate goal is to get to a safe place and get your vehicle to stop as safely as possible.
1) Stay calm. As mentioned, do not panic. When you panic, it is difficult to react and think clearly. Stay calm and slow down by taking your foot off the accelerator, or gas pedal.
2) Flip your hazard lights on so other drivers and pedestrians know something is amiss; use your horn if necessary.
3) Shift your car into a lower gear to help it slow down, whether you drive an automatic or a standard.
4) Cautiously make your way off to the shoulder of the road. You might also use an exit ramp providing that you are on a highway. Keep in mind that want to get to a place where you can safely slow down, in some cases that may mean driving a little farther.
5) Use the antilock brake system only or ABS. While you continue to steer, brake firmly. If you have non-antilock brakes, or standard brakes, using short taps try pumping the brakes.
6) Try shifting into neutral when you are slowing to a stop and utilize your emergency brake.
7) Do NOT attempt to drive again once you have successfully stopped. Call for a tow.
8) Do not shut off the vehicle until it has come to a complete stop. The power steering will be disabled if you shut it down, making it difficult, if not impossible, to move.

Tips to Avoid Brake Failure

The value of brake-system inspections should never be underestimated. With this little maintenance service, early detection of a warped drum, worn brake pads, leaky brake line, air in the system, or faulty wiring can occur. Be sure to trust your senses while driving. You know how your vehicle rides while driving it. If you hear abnormal squeaking or grinding noises coming from the brakes, take it to a trusted mechanic for an inspection. Additionally, consult your owner’s manual for recommended brake maintenance information. Brake issues can vary from minor to severe. Simply providing your vehicle’s maintenance, brakes including, can be what helps you avoid brake failure and the risk of being involved in a car accident.

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