Can a Car Battery Be Too Dead to Jump Start in Glenn Heights, TX? Corrosion on Positive Terminal, Bad Starter Motor & More

Have you ever tried to jump start your car, only to find it did not work? When a jump start fails, it may be a bigger problem than just a dead battery. When you are stuck on the road and a jump start fails, you will most likely need a towing service. However, Citywide Towing Service will help you troubleshoot why a battery will not jump start and when to seek a towing service.

Can a Car Battery Be Too Dead to Jump Start

It is important to first mention that at times the battery could be at the point that it cannot be jumped. As a battery ages the internal short circuit or a defective cell will prevent a battery from jump starting. When a battery has a defected cell or the internal short circuits are aged, it is simply time to replace the battery. Batteries, depending on their quality, will need to be replaced every 3 to 5 years and sometimes sooner for the super cheap batteries.

Car Battery Corrosion on Positive Terminal

One of the common reasons why a battery will not jump start is that the terminals are loose or corroded. When the terminals are loose or corroded, it can prevent the electrical current to flow through the battery, preventing it from jump starting. Carefully wiggle the terminals back and forth using the cables. If the terminals are loose, you will need to tighten them down. If corrosion is present, then the terminals will need to be cleaned. After tightening and or cleaning the terminals, try jump starting the vehicle again. Often when seeking roadside assistance service, the tech can help clean or tighten your terminals before they give you a jump start.

Alternator Not Charging Battery

Many people understand that a battery cannot meet all of the electrical needs of the vehicle without dying after a few a few weeks. The vehicle’s alternator is essential as it helps to recharge the battery as you drive. When the alternator is beginning to fail the battery cannot recharge itself properly and slowly loses its charge. If the alternator fails, one of the signs is that the vehicle will not jump start. Unfortunately you will need to have the alternator inspected and replaced. For those who are broken down you will need to have the vehicle towed.

Bad Starter Motor

An engine’s starter motor requires energy from the battery to spin the motor. When a starter is going out or is defective, the engine will not crank over. Often when the starter makes a clicking or grinding noise, and the engine will not start, then it is not the battery and is usually the starter. If the starter goes out while on the road, again, contact a towing service to help get your vehicle to your home or to a mechanic.

Jumper Cables are Too Long or Heavy

When you are having a jump start fail it could be due to the type of jumper cables you are using. Not all jumper cables are made equally. At times the jumper cables are too long which weaken the electrical current to the battery and do not provide enough power to jump start the battery. Jumps can also fail if the cables are too heavy. For DIY jump starters, it is important to have good quality jumper cables on hand. Make sure to do a little research and invest in a good pair of jumper cables to ensure you can jump start you vehicle.

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