Can Low Profile Vehicles Be Towed with a Tow Dolly in Coppell, TX? Why a Flatbed Tow Truck is Best

Many high performance vehicles and classic cars are low profile vehicles. Most people that own these vehicles know that they require special arrangements when you are looking to transport them. Because they aren’t towed the same as any old vehicle, it requires some special equipment and training to tow them safely. What should be avoided completely is using a towing dolly to get them from point A to point B. Citywide Towing Service is here to talk about why it isn’t a good idea to tow your low profile vehicle using a towing dolly.

What Damage Can Happen from Towing a Low Profile Vehicle on a Tow Dolly

The most obvious problem that comes from using a dolly to tow your low profile vehicle is that you don’t have the clearance needed to do so safely. When you tow this way, you could end up with undercarriage damage from debris and other hazards that come from the road. You could also end up damaging the from fascia of the vehicle as well.

How Do You Put a Low Profile Car on a Dolly?

It may sound easy to get your vehicle hooked up to the towing dolly, but it is often not as easy as you think it will be. It is incredibly important that the front two wheels are securely in place as well as ensuring the emergency parking brake is not on. You also may need to remove drive shafts depending on whether or not your vehicle is front or rear-wheel drive.

Dragging Damage of Towing Low Profile Cars

With two wheels still on the road, you may run into dragging problems with body kit parts. Your vehicle is a low-suspension car and there are many components that are low to the ground and susceptible to damage when they end up dragging.

Difficult to Maneuver a Tow Dolly

If you have ever had a towing dolly hooked up to your truck, you know how difficult it can be to back up and maneuver it. You may think that you can just avoid that, but the fact of the matter is that you sometimes don’t have that luxury. There are times that you need maneuverability to get the vehicle unloaded in the ideal location. You don’t run into these same issues when you use a flatbed to tow your vehicle.

Tire Wear & Tear Towing Low Profile Vehicle on Tow Dolly

Usually, the tire used on low-profile vehicles are softer and will experience wear and tear faster than other tires. When two tires are still on the road, there is added weight and you will see that there is wear to the tires that makes wear pattern issues when compared to the front wheels.

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If you have a low-profile vehicle that needs to get towed to a new location, it is always best that you turn to a flatbed tow truck to get the job done. At Citywide Towing Service, we have a fleet of flatbed tow trucks that are ideal for towing these exotic and classic cars.

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