Can You Survive a Rollover Crash in Combine, TX; How to Prevent Rollovers when Driving & More

When it comes to driving, it is good to consider the “what ifs” and know how to properly prepare for the numberless situations that can occur on the road. One scenario that most people never consider preparing for is a roll-over accident. Roll-overs are very scary and can be life threatening. Many roll-overs can be prevented with proper caution and knowing how to keep control of a vehicle during a collision. Citywide Towing can help recover vehicles after a roll-over, however we would prefer to help prevent them. Citywide Towing Service would like to share a few tips on how to prevent roll-over accidents or what to do if you suddenly find yourself in one.

How to Prevent Rollovers when Driving; Don’t Speed, Avoid Distractions & More

When you begin to drive you always want to consider what to do during a collision. Roll-overs are a very scary situation and most people are not prepared for them, nor do they know what to do as one occurs. Roll-overs can happen within seconds which is why it is good to already know what to do as it occurs. However, it is always better to take all of the needed steps to prevent one in hope you will never have to react to a roller-over. When driving there are a number of steps you can take to reduce your chances of being in a roll-over. First, avoid speeding. Most roll-overs happen during high speeds. Additionally, the faster you are going the more intense the roller over will be. To avoid major injuries always wear a seat belt. A seat belt is designed to hold you in place. You will not get tossed around inside the vehicle or worse, fly out of the vehicle during a crash. Make sure to wear the seat belt properly and every time you are in the vehicle. Next avoid distractions, never talk on a phone or read or try to answer texts. Keep your eyes on the road. As a driver that is always paying attention on the road, your next job is keeping an eye out for those who are not. Collisions can occur when either you or another driver wasn’t paying attention to the road. Often it is the other distracted or reckless driver that becomes a major concern.

What Do You Do when Your Car Swerves Out of Control?

If the time comes and you have been hit and are losing control of the vehicle it is important to know how to regain control of a vehicle. Depending on the situation you may be able to prevent a roll-over. When you get hit by another car the first reaction is to slam on the break in hopes to stop the vehicle. This can be a very hard reaction to fight, but to gain control you do not want to slam on the brakes. Hitting the brake will lock up the steering wheel and you can lose control of the vehicle. You will to be able to steer the vehicle to a safer direction and avoid turning the vehicle on its side. When you get hit and the force launches the vehicle out of control, begin pumping the brakes. The pumping will help you slow down, but also allow you to steer the vehicle. To prevent a roll-over, you will want to attempt to drive straight. Avoid over correcting the vehicle for that is when roll-overs happen.

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Roll-overs are very unpredictable which is why it is important to be prepared for one if they should occur. Please drive safe! For towing and roadside assistance services, contact Citywide Towing Service!

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