Car Electrical Problems, Symptoms & Diagnostic Testing in Dallas, TX; Dimming Dashboard Lights or No Power, Vehicle Won’t Start & More

There are many problems that you can have when owning and operating a vehicle. There are the normal roadside emergencies such as a tire blow out and a dead battery. You can also have trouble with the oil being too low or run out of gas. These are all issues that can be diagnosed quickly and there really is only one sign to look for. You may end up needing to have your car towed to a mechanic or shop look at it. These are things that can be repaired by a professional and don’t take too much time. One area of car failure that is less likely to have a problem and can be harder to diagnose is with the electrical system. There are many parts of the electrical system such as the wiring, battery, battery cables, starter, alternator and fuses. The electrical system of any car is elaborate and each part needs to be working correctly. The problem is that the signs of electrical failure can show up in many different ways.

Citywide Towing Lists Signs of Car or Truck Electrical System Problems

Clicking Noise But Car Won’t Start: One of the main ways to tell that you are having electrical problems with your car is if it won’t start. Now you may think it is just a dead battery. That can be true but the battery is part of the electrical system and not the only thing that could cause the car to not start. If you are hearing a clicking sound when you try and start the car with no luck you most likely have a problem with the starter. The battery usually shows up when the car will not start and the lights won’t come on in the car as well. The other problem can be the alternator and that is usually when the car won’t turn over but the lights still come on.
Dim Headlights, Dash & Other Car Lights: There are lights on the car that are used to signal a turn, alert to a car breaking and light the way ahead. You also have interior lights to help you see the interior of the car and the dashboard has lights that help to see the gas, oil and acceleration of the car. These lights should easily be able to turn on and stay at full brightness even when the car is being driven and sitting idle. If you start to notice that the lights dim when the car is on it can mean you are having trouble with the electrical system. This is an issue that needs to be addressed by a professional.
Blown Fuse in Car: One of the problems that you could be up against is a blown fuse. The fuse is part of the electrical system and when one blows, the electrical current stops and the circuit will not be completed. It may affect your break lights for instance and they will not work at all.

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