Car Heater or Engine Smells Like Rotten Eggs, Dead Animal or Burning Rubber in Glenn Heights, TX

When you are driving a vehicle the greatest thing is that you get in and it works to get you to and fro. We have come accustomed to using a car and not dealing with problems. That does not mean that over time you will not come across problems. Every car will end up in the shop or stranded on the side of the road at some point. There are times that you can be stranded without any prior knowledge of trouble such as when you are in an accident. It can also be from a tire blowout or other unforeseen circumstance. Although these can occur most of the time there are warning signs. The warnings that your car is having trouble can be check engine lights or sounds and smells that come from the vehicle. When you start to smell things that are unusual it is best to have the vehicle checked as repairs are likely needed. Citywide Towing Service lists smells you should be concerned about when coming from your car.

My Car Smells like Gas

When you go to the pump to refuel your vehicle you know standing outside the car you’re going to get some gas fumes. The smell is okay in short spurts but as soon as you drive away it is nice to get rid of it. If you happen to get a whiff of gas when you are not as the station then you might have a problem. The biggest issue is that if you are exposed to gas for an extended period of time it can be dangerous. It can cause you to become lightheaded or dizzy. There are several reasons that your gas fumes or gas can be leaking. It can be a gas cap that is not fitting properly or a fuel injection line that has been damaged. Whatever the reason you need to have it repaired.

My Clutch Smells like Burning

When you are camping the smell of wood burning in a pit is an inviting smell and sign to everyone around. That same smell is not something you want to have when you are driving your car. Most people smell this when they are having a problem with their clutch. If your clutch is emitting an odor like a wood burning camp fire then it is time to have it replaced.

My Car Smells like Syrup

Another smell you might come across when you are driving is described as a sweet smell. The smell can be similar to maple syrup and if this is occurring you are likely having trouble with your antifreeze. The antifreeze has a sweet smell and if it has a leak you might be catching that same smell. If your antifreeze is leaking you want to ensure that it is fixed to prevent your car from overheating and because the substance is poisonous to animals and people.

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There are many smells that are a sign that you are having trouble with your vehicle. To be safe you can always have it towed into a shop for diagnostic and repairs. Citywide Towing Services offers damage free towing and roadside assistance services. Contact us today!

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