Car Leaking Fluid from Front Driver or Passenger Side in Combine, TX; Bright Yellow Coolant, Red Transmission & Others

When you come out of the house and pull out of the driveway to see a spot left behind, most people have a small bit of panic. No one wants to be stuck with a car or truck that is leaking fluid and in need of repairs. A car that leaves some form of liquid is a problem the majority of the time. The longer the drip or leak is allowed to go unchecked the more damage that can be caused. Now that you have seen a drip on the ground under your car it is important to know what it could be. There are many types of fluids that are in your vehicle and all of them have the chance to leak or drip. This is a warning sign that a repair is needed.

Citywide Towing Offers Tips on What Fluid is Leaking From Your Car!

Car Leaking Clear, Odorless Water: One of the fluids that you can see dripping from your car can be as simple as water. Water doesn’t really seem like something you need to be worried about and many times it is not. If you know that you have been driving your car and running the air conditioner then water condensation is a regular occurrence. You want to be sure that you look closely at the drips to ensure that it is in fact water. Be prepared to wash your hands thoroughly if you touch the liquid. You can also do a smell test for signs of other types of liquid. If you have not been running the AC then water may not be great to find dripping and you may need to have your car repaired.
Brake Fluid Leak: If you are noticing that you have fluid that is dropping from your car and it tends to be near the tire then brake fluid could be the culprit. It is obvious for your safety and those that are on the road with you that brakes are a must. If yours are not working correctly or there is a leak in the line you want to be sure that it is repaired as soon as possible. The fluid is often a light brown color and is likely near the inside of the tire.
Car Leaking Antifreeze Coolant: Your car has a liquid that is there to keep all the moving parts from getting too hot. The coolant is an important part of the engine and when you run out or it is leaking, your car can easily overheat. This will cause a serious amount of damage to the motor. You can tell that coolant is leaking by the color of the fluid. The majority of coolant is either a bright green or yellow in color.
Car with an Oil Leak: Another fluid that is a problem is when you have oil that is leaking from the engine as well. This will often happen in any location under the hood of the car. The dark brown or even black oil can be seen on your driveway. You want to be sure that the oil leak is found and repaired because the oil is necessary to keep the engine running smoothly.

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