Car Lockouts in Mesquite, TX; Can You Use a Slim Jim or Call for an Auto Lock Out?

One of the worst feelings is realizing that you’ve locked your keys in the car. It’s easy to do with all the juggling that goes on in life and it’s only after you close the door that you see you’ve left the keys inside! Try not to panic and check for other alternatives. You may have an extra key in your bag or your close enough to home to call for help. You may be able to get in through the trunk or another door. There’s more than one way to unlock a car or trunk and professionals know the best ways to do it. It’s always a good idea to hire a professional in this situation because you can damage your car trying to do it yourself. You also need to hire the right professionals because if they aren’t careful they could also cause damage. Make sure you don’t pay for the services without noticing any damage that occurred.

Can You Use a Slim Jim to Unlock a Car Door

A slim jim is a metal tool used to unlock doors. It’s a slim tool that is inserted inside the door panel. If the technician isn’t careful, things inside the door can break. Yes, your car door may open but might not work in the future. So how do you know if the technician is using the slim jim the right way? There should be no force involved when using a slim jim. If you notice the technician using force, pulling really hard or jerking on the slim jim then he/she is using it incorrectly and needs to stop.

Long Bar & Air Wedge Car Door Opener

An effective way of unlocking a car is using a long bar and air wedge. This method works well because the technician can see where the lock knob is located. The technician will need to use an air wedge to prop the door open enough to get the long bar in. If the air wedge is used incorrectly and pull the door open too much it can cause damage. The damage goes unnoticed many times because you’re so happy that your car door is unlocked. You’ll notice the damage when you start driving away. You might hear or feel air leaking. The damage will most likely be a bend at the top of the door. This method can also damage your car by scratching the frame of the car. This can happen if the technician doesn’t wedge the door open wide enough.

Preventing Auto Lockout Damage

• Try not to forget your keys.
• Don’t go with the cheapest locksmith. You get what you pay for!
• Nicely let the technician know that you’re aware of the possible damage that can occur.
• Make sure there isn’t any damage to your car before the technician drives away.
• Do not use wire coat hangers to open your car. Chances are it won’t open the door and youll cause damage.

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