What to Do When Your Car Overheats, Smokes & Won’t Start in Arlington, TX

Your car is made to withstand all the elements that Mother Nature throws its way. The cold, rain and even the extreme heat. Although it should be able to manage under these conditions there are times that your car will malfunction. One problem that occurs especially in the hot summer months is when the car overheats. The heat outside will cause the motor that already is getting hot to increase much faster. You need to be aware of the panel in your car that shows you what to look for. The gauge shows a letter C and a letter H that are spanned by some dashes. These dashes will show you the amount of heat that is being created under the hood of your car. The dial will move from C for Cold to H for Heat as the cars motor starts to heat up. When the dial is too far over into the red or the hot side of the gauge you need to be prepared with what to do. Ignoring this change in the temperature can cause some major damage to the car and you will need to have repairs that are much more advanced.

Citywide Towing Explains What to Do if Your Car Overheats & What the Cause Might Be

What to Do When Your Car Overheats: This is a serious situation and one that needs swift action. If you notice that your temperature gauge has started to rapidly increase or jumped in the red zone you need to stop the car as quickly as safely possible. Even if you are stuck on the side of the road. Once you are safely pulled off the road it is best to turn the car off. The motor running will increase the heat even if the car is not in motion. Once the car is off you need to determine what the problem is and have it repaired. In order to do that you need to have the car towed to a location that will allow you to have it inspected. That is why you need to call a tow truck company that can come out and take you to a garage or your home to have the car repaired.
Radiator Leaking: One of the most common causes of a car overheating is when the radiator stops working. This is part of the cars cooling system that houses coolant that is needed. The coolant will be used to help lubricate the parts so there is less friction and cool the moving parts down. If your radiator has a crack or leak in it the coolant is slowly spilling out and if you are low the car will not be able to cool itself down hence overheating. Another problem with radiators is when they are dirty. There are times that debris can get in the radiator and get stuck in the tubes that feed the coolant. When this happens you need to have the radiator cleared out or replaced.
Water Pump is Not Working: The water pump is also part of the cooling system and will send water to the moving parts to cool it as well. The pump can break or seize up and that will stop the water from moving. This can quickly cause the car to overheat leading you to pull over and call a tow truck. These parts can all be repaired or replaced once you are towed to a garage.

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