Car Sluggish when Driving in Hot Weather in Irving, TX? Does Outside Heat Affect Engine, Tires & More

The weather outside has an affect on many areas of your life. The weather changes with the seasons and the temperature goes up and down. During the summer the temperatures get hot and this can have an affect on you. This will change the types of activities that you do, the clothes that you wear and the fun that you choose to have. You should also know that when the weather changes it can have an effect on the car that you are driving. The car that you are driving is made to get through just about any of the elements that Mother Nature has to offer. That does not mean that the weather will always be good to your car. You want to make sure you know what you can do to protect your car when it is hot outside. Citywide Towing Service outlines how hot weather can affect your car or truck.

How Much Heat Can Tires Withstand?

One of the parts of the car that will be affected when the weather is hot are the tires. The tires are part of the car that touch the asphalt and they increase the heat that is being created because of friction. You want to make sure that your tires are inflated to the proper temperature so that they are able to keep up. If they are overheated they can wear wrong on the pavement. If they are under-inflated it can cause the car to lose some of the traction and turning ability. You want to be sure that you keep an eye on your tires and how much pressure they have. The hot weather also brings out the dryness in the air. The dry weather can cause the rubber to dry out as well and this creates dry rot. If the tires start to dry out they can separate or have a blowout.

Affect of Sunlight on Car Interior

The other aspect of the car that will be effected when you are living in the hotter climate. With the heat also comes the sun. When you allow the sun to leave into the car it can start to dry out the leather or cause sun bleaching to your fabric interior. You want to do what you can to park in an area that has some shade. You also can use shades in your car to block the front windshield as well. This will help to lengthen the life of the interior of your car.

Car Battery Dies in Heat

If you live in a climate that the weather does not ever get too hot then you don’t need to worry. The battery is able to keep up but has been found to last less time in areas that get hot. The heat will cause the battery to run out of life much faster than the colder weather. Part of the battery is acid but the other part is water. The water is what will start to evaporate and that will cause the battery to stop functioning.

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