Car Stuck in Sand in Coppell, TX? How to Winch Out & Get a Car Unstuck; Trench, Traction & More

Getting stuck in a ditch of mud, sand, or even snow can leave some people feeling helpless and not quite sure what to do. The usual thought is to start the vehicle and floor it. However, this tactic can actually dig you deeper and get you even more stuck. In Texas, one common problem is sand. There are lots of beaches in Texas so you may easily find yourself stuck. For those who may not know what they can do to get themselves out of the sand, Citywide Towing Service will share step but step what you can do in the event you find your vehicle axle deep in the sand.

How to Get a Car Unstuck from the Sand

Step 1. When stuck in the sand you will want to first dig out the tires. A small shovel is a great tool to always keep in your vehicle, especially here in Texas. If you don’t have a shovel handy, then get creative and find something to remove the loose sand from around your tires. You will want to dig down far enough that you see the bottom of your tires. Create a trench in the direction you will be driving out of. If you find you need to reverse the vehicle, then dig out the tires and create a trench in the rear of the tire as well. Try to avoid running into any water or muddy sand. Find the driest area to use as your exit point.
Step 2. If your vehicle has smooth thin tires, you’re in great condition for the road. However, they aren’t so good for getting out of sand. In such a case, you will need to create some extra traction. There are a few ways you can create traction and it will depend on what is available at the time. One way that doesn’t require any tools is to release just less then half of the air out of your tires. As your tire flattens, you have a wider base to get out of sand. Once out, you now you have really low air pressure in your tires. Therefore, another tool to keep in your vehicle is a small air pump. This is invaluable when it comes time to refill your tires once you’re on stable ground. If you don’t have one, drive slowly until you’re able to refill your tires. Another alternative is to use the mats inside your car and place them either in front or behind depending on the direction you’re going and where you need the extra traction. You may find depending on the situation you need to do both the air release and the mats in order to get out. For the prepared minded you can even keep small cut outs of carpet or boards to help you get the traction you might need.
Step 3. After you have dug out the tires and placed something in the tires path, you now can start the car and attempt to get out. You will need speed to get out so expect to floor it. Make sure there are no cars or pedestrians in the way when you do so. At this point you should be free of the sand and don’t stop the vehicle until you’re on a solid surface or you risk getting stuck again.

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Keep in mind some vehicles such as small cars may need more assistance because they might not have enough power to fully get themselves out of the sand. If you run into this problem know that Citywide Towing Service provides a winch out service. We can pull your vehicle out of any ditch, sand, or muddy situation. If these steps of getting you out of the sand fail then call Citywide Towing Service and we will be there to help get your vehicle free.

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