Causes of Summer Car Breakdowns in Sachse, TX; Overheating While Driving, Tire Blowout, Dead Battery & More

Every season brings a unique set of norms with it. Summer is known for family vacations, warmer weather, breaks from school, swimming, barbecues, and more. Just like you and your family do different things during each season, so does your car. The car problems that happen frequently during the winter are not the same ones that pop up on a regular basis during the summer months.
Today Citywide Towing Service is going to go over some of the common issues that we run into on our calls during the summer months. Knowing about the issues that may arise can help you be prepared if they happen to you as well as help you be proactive about preventing them.

Car Overheating While Driving

Here in the Dallas, TX area the temperatures get extremely high during the summer months. The hotter it is outside the more apt your car is to overheat. You may notice that that there is steam coming from under your hood or a strange smell coming from the engine area if your car is overheating. You can check your engine temperature gauge on your dashboard to confirm if your car is overheating. If your car is overheating you will want to immediately turn the air conditioning off in your car. This will reduce the stress on your engine. You should also turn your heat on full blast. Then find a place to pull over as soon as you can. Turn your car off and let your car cool down. You should notice that your temperature gauge goes back to a normal range after it cools down. Before starting your car again, you will want to add some fluids to your engine. Many people keep water in their trunk just in case this happens to them and they need some fluids for their engine. If your engine does not cool down you will want to call Citywide Towing Service to come and tow your car safely to your mechanic.

Front or Read Tire Blowout

Another common issue that we see increase during the summer months is tire blowouts. If you have ever been in a car when a tire blows you know how scary it can be. Tire blowouts are caused by a variety of issues. Heat is one factor that can affect your tires negatively. As the temperatures rise the pressure in your tires increases. Your tires then expand. When you drive on the hot asphalt with tires that are too full it causes increased friction and stress that frequently results in a tire blowout. You can avoid this by consistently monitoring the air pressure in your tires during the summer months.

Does Heat Drain Car Batteries?

The last issues we are going to talk about today is dead car batteries. Whenever there is extreme temperature, hot or cold, it affects your car battery. During the summer the heat causes your battery to expand. The expansion causes battery fluid to evaporate. Without battery fluid your car battery will die. You may find yourself needing to replace your car battery at some point this summer. There is not really a way to prevent this from happening.

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We hope that knowing about these common car issues you can avoid having to call Citywide Towing Service this summer due to car issues. If you do need our help for any reason do not forget to call us right away.

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