Checklist for Preparing Your Car for Severe Winter Weather in Irving, TX; Check Battery & More

As the hot summer air begins to cool down most people gladly welcome the crisp fall air. With the colder weather in fall and winter, households will begin getting out their sweaters and coats so that they are prepared when the winter chill hits. Most people do not take the same effort to get their car ready for the winter weather. Citywide Towing Service has put together some tips for you to winterize your vehicle.

Prepare Care for Extreme Weather Conditions

You will want to make sure that you prepare your car to drive in the worst weather that your city typically has during the winter months. If you are going on a road trip to a city where the weather is more severe than the city that you live in you will also want to prepare your car for that weather before you leave. If you are new to your area you can ask your friends and neighbors what to expect so that you can adequately prepare. Following are some key things to check on all of your vehicles before the weather starts to get too cold.
Anti-freeze; Flush Coolant System: We recommend having your car’s coolant system flushed in the fall before the first freeze of the year. This may also catch any possible leaks you may have. It’s also an excellent time to install fresh coolant.
Test Heater: You will want to turn your heater and defroster on in your car to make sure that they both work. Having a defroster that does not work properly can lead to accidents that are unavoidable with some prior maintenance.
Replace Windshield Wipers: Windshield wipers are easy to check yourself and see if they need to be replaced. This is a cheap and easy car part to replace that will help your family stay safe in inclement weather.
Check Battery: The extreme hot or cold weather can be hard on your car battery. You can take your car to a local auto parts store and have your battery checked.
Replace Fluids: Throughout the winter you will want to check the fluid levels in your car. Many newer cars have sensors that will alert you if any of your fluids need to be replaced. If you have any older car you will want to frequently check them on your own.
Check Tire Pressure: The pressure on your tires changes as the weather does. As the temperatures get colder you may notice your tires looking a little flat at times. Typically this will fix on its own as you begin driving but if it doesn’t make sure that you fill your tires properly with air. You may also want to get snow tires and chains if you live in an area where icy roads are a concern.

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In addition to checking the items listed above you will also want to look through your emergency kit in your car. Many times items that you assume in your car are not there. In an emergency having a fully stocked roadside emergency kit in your trunk can truly be a lifesaver. Citywide Towing Service hopes that by taking the necessary preventative measures you can avoid getting stuck on the side of the road this winter. If you do find yourself in need of a tow or roadside assistance, give Citywide Towing Service a call.

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