Common Driving & Maintenance Mistakes to Avoid in Dallas, TX to Prevent Car Breakdowns

Proper maintenance and care for your vehicle from you and your professional mechanic is essential. Without it, your vehicle can experience problems that can lead to it becoming disabled or even into collisions. Today, we at Citywide Towing would like to share the most common error people make that can become a problem while you are on the road.

Car Maintenance & Driving Mistakes that New Drivers Make

1) Disregard tire conditions. Few think about inspecting the tires before heading to work or to run some errands. Unfortunately, forgetting to ensure the tires are fair condition often results in blowouts or other serious vehicle problems. Tire pressure is essential for a smoothly running vehicle and rotating the tires should be frequently done to avoid hazards. Try to get into the habit of checking the tires condition before driving off.
2) Driving when the engine is overheated. Too often drivers will push their vehicles and continue to drive when the engine is showing obvious signs being overheated. Driving with an engine that is overheating is flirting with disaster and it is in your interests to pull over and get assistance.
3) Performing DIY maintenance without any training or knowledge. If you have never been taught how to do any of the maintenance procedures on your vehicle, formally or informally; it is never a good idea to do them in an effort to save a few bucks. The wrong applications or not putting parts on correctly can result in an operable vehicle at the most inopportune time.
4) Neglecting windshield wipers. Even the smaller aspects of your vehicle need care from time to time. The windshield wipers, though it may seem minuscule, needs to be taken care of regularly. The wipers deteriorate and dry out. Over time, the brittle nature of dried out wipers can not only be a hazard when driving in the rain, but it will scratch your windshield, resulting in costly repairs. Get the wipers replaced when they first show signs of wear or ineffectiveness.
5) Overlooking the check engine warning light. Ignoring the light might not lead to serious consequences in the short term, but it can eventually leave you stranded. Where the light may be an indication of something minor, it could also be alerting you of a major issue. To avoid further damage, check out the reasons to the warning or take it to a trusted professional for diagnostic tests.
6) Air filter neglect. The air filter should be cleaned or replaced on a routine basis. When the dirt and debris impedes the proper air flow, the vehicle can experience a choked engine or other problems.
7) Not monitoring the vehicle’s fluids. The essential fluids that keep the motor operating are critical. Over use, the fluids are used up and need the fluids are required to maintain specific levels and not paying attention to the necessary fluid levels can lead to serious problems. For example, operating a vehicle without any oil can ultimately destroy the engine, requiring a whole engine replacement. Check your fluids regularly to ensure there are not any leaks and you maintain the proper levels.
8) Forgetting the brake pads. Worn brake pads can affect the stopping of your vehicle in addition to the performance of your vehicle’s steering system. Not taking the time to change the brake pads can cause severe accidents. At the first signs of wear, be sure to have your brake pads replaced.

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