Common Towing Mistakes in Glenn Heights, TX; RPM’s, Weight Distribution Bars & More

Towing seems like a simple task, but if you aren’t familiar with all the aspects of it, it can be a little intimidating. Other than intimidation, making mistakes can lead to costly damages. Citywide Towing Service outline some common towing mistakes to help you avoid them.

Towing Mistakes to Avoid

1. RPMs when Towing. The biggest mistake people make when towing is overworking the vehicle doing the towing. This can lead to lots of issues with the engine. This of course can lead to a breakdown on the side of the road that can be costly as you may need to replace the transmission. The best way to avoid any problems is to watch the temperature gauges, exhaust gas temperature gauges and the pressure readings.
2. Incorrect Weight Distribution Bars. Bigger is not always better when it comes to weight distribution bars and when the distribution bars aren’t set up correctly, you may have the vehicle and trailer bouncing from one another. This means a bumpy ride and damage to the hitch and frame.
3. Failing to Maintain Brakes. The braking system of your vehicle is the most important safety feature. Keep in mind that the brakes on a trailer don’t self-adjust like the ones in a car do. They need to be adjusted by the driver. These brakes will also wear down just like any other brakes and need to be maintained.
4. Ball / Ball Mount Weight Rating. You must use the right ball and mount for the trailer. The balls come in three sizes: 1 7/8 inches, 2 inches, and 2 5/16 inches that all have a different weight rating. If you use the wrong ball or mount, the trailer will pitch up or down. This will put unneeded stress on the axles, the brakes and tires.
5. Exceeding Towing Capacity. The load you’re towing needs to be loaded correctly and balanced. Know the weight restrictions and follow them. If you neglect to do so, you won’t have your tow vehicle for very long.
6. Towing Tire Pressure. The best way to ensure even wear and tear on the tires of your tow vehicle and trailer is to maintain the right tire pressure. You will also reduce the chances of a tire blow-out caused by overheating. More danger comes when it affects the back tires. You also need to keep close attention to tires that haven’t been used in a while. Make sure you inspect them each time you hitch and go.
7. Neglecting Lubrication when Towing. Lubrication is another preventative measure you can take with your tow vehicle and trailer. Anywhere steel meets steel or rubber bushings meet steel need to be lubricated for optimal performance and longevity.
8. “Racing” Car while Towing. The old mantra, slow and steady wins the race is the mindset you need to have when towing. The last thing you want to do is speed up or down a grade. Doing so will affect the length of time you will have your tow vehicle.

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Other than being costly, towing mistakes can put your safety, the safety of the people in your vehicle, other drivers and pedestrians at risk. For more information on towing, contact Citywide Towing Service today!

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