Dangers of DIY Car Towing in Richardson, TX; Tow Straps, Vehicle Towing Capacity Ratings & More

When people find themselves on the side of the road as a result of either a breakdown or an accident many times they are tempted to try and tow their car themselves. They convince themselves that it is going to be cheaper and faster to just do it themselves instead of calling us here at Citywide Towing Service. Do not be tempted to tow your own car! There are many different risks of towing the car on your own.

How to Use Tow Straps

If you do not have the proper equipment to tow a vehicle it is a large safety risk. When towing a vehicle on your own most people use a tow strap. A tow strap is used to attach the vehicles to each other. Since most people do not know how to properly use a tow strap the tension on the tow strap gets too tight and will snap. When this happens the car that is being towed will run into the vehicle that is towing it. This could end up causing accidents on the road that you can avoid by simply calling a tow truck.

Is it Hard to Drive While Towing a Car?

Another issue with towing your own car is that most drivers do not know how to properly maneuver when they are towing a car. When towing a car you have to turn and brake differently than you normally would. Many people have problems when they change lanes. The visibility is not the same when you are towing a vehicle. That is why all of our tow trucks here at Citywide Towing Service have special mirrors that allow our drivers to safely get your vehicle where it needs to be.

Vehicle Towing Capacity Ratings

The vehicle that is doing the towing could not have a high enough tow rating to safely tow the car. If you try to tow a car that is too heavy for you could end up with a multitude of problems. You could end up with blown-out tires, an overheated transmissions, broken suspension, failing brakes, or more.

Can DIY Towing Damage a Transmission?

The transmission is one thing that will frequently be damaged when towing a vehicle on your own. Most cars today have automatic transmissions. When your wheels spin on your car it engages your transmission. This only happens when your vehicle is running under its own power. When your car is being towed without the proper measures it can ruin the transmission of both vehicles.

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So even if you think that you are saving money or time by towing a vehicle yourself do not risk hurting your vehicle by doing it. Tow trucks have all of the equipment necessary to safely tow your vehicle. Our drivers here at Citywide Towing Service have all of the expertise necessary to safely tow your vehicle. We have chains, mirrors, winches, and more to help your car from being more damaged than it already is. If you find yourself thinking about towing your own vehicle stop and make the right decision by calling Citywide Towing Service to come and help you!

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