Dangers of DIY Towing in University Park, TX; Risk of Damage & Injury Due to Exceeding Tow Capacity & More

When a vehicle breaks down, often many people will call up their buddy to come and help tow their vehicle to their home or to a mechanic. For those with all the proper towing equipment and skills to tow a vehicle this may not seem like such a big deal. However, most people don’t have all of the proper equipment nor do they have the proper skills to safely tow a vehicle. There are a number of risks of DIY towing. Citywide Towing Service would like to share the common dangers of DIY towing and why it is worth using professionals.

Damage & Safety Risks of DIY Towing

Towing can be a major risk for you and others on the road. With DIY towing, you take up more space on the road and the mobility is decreased greatly. Combined together, this can be a recipe for disaster. When either towing from the rear of a vehicle or with a trailer, it can be dangerous to navigate on busy streets. If you feel like you must do your own towing in order to save money, it is strongly recommended to avoid towing during busy traffic hours. A professional towing service does have the right equipment and are trained to safely tow your vehicle any time, both day and night.

Towing Equipment

Another risk of DIY towing is not having the right equipment. Yes, you can find towing straps at most stores. However, they are not designed to safely tow over certain weight and vehicles. They are not very sturdy and can buckle under too much pressure. Additionally, you will need to properly install the tow straps to ensure the vehicle will not disconnect. A towing service has wheel lifts and a flatbed tow truck with tow chains which firmly secures the vehicle to the tow truck.

Tow Capacity

One common mistake during DIY towing is exceeding the towing capacity. When towing another vehicle, the vehicle that is doing the towing has a certain towing capacity. In many cases the towing vehicle can’t actually tow the broken down vehicle. Over exceeding the towing capacity can be dangerous and put stress on the vehicle that can lead to additional break downs and possible accidents. When you find a friend to tow your broken down vehicle, you must find someone with a very big truck. However, it is much safer to call a towing service as they have a towing truck which has a higher towing capacity.

Towing Experience

Another simple truth about DIY towing is most people are very inexperienced in towing. When towing another vehicle you must hook up the other vehicle just right and adjust your drive techniques. Most people don’t have a clue how to safely tow another vehicle. A towing service provides the right equipment and experience to safely tow your vehicle without damaging it or causing a major road hazard. Inexperienced towing often leads to more trouble.

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Seeking a professional towing service has many benefits. They are fast, efficient, and are actually rather affordable. They provide 24 hour 7 days a week service. If you find you need immediate towing service, we invite you to contact Citywide Towing Service today!

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