Dangers of Summer Driving in Addison, TX; Traffic Congestion, Car Overheating & More

As the end of a school year approaches and warmer temperatures are the norm, people are eagerly starting to make summer plans. It’s no secret that more people travel and vacation during the summer, which also means that more people are going to be on the road driving. Citywide Towing Service is here to talk about summer driving and why it can be more dangerous than other times of the year regardless of the ideal weather.

Traffic Congestion Problems

Not only are there more cars on the road in the summer, but there are people that are traveling. When someone is traveling, they aren’t nearly as familiar with the roads as locals will be. This can be dangerous as their heads will likely be in their phones more as they are trying to navigate to their destination. This also means that they may be driving slower than normal as well. These factors make the roads less safe for other travelers.

More Teens Driving on the Road

Teenagers are probably the most excited about summer break. They will be planning their small road trips here and there while they have some free time. With their lack of experience behind the wheel, this makes them a threat to your safety.

Common Tire Wear, Blowouts & Other Problems

The heat of the summer can cause severe wear and tear on your tires, including a blowout. The hot weather is what causes air to expand and cause unnecessary wear and tear as well a the increased risk of a blowout which can be dangerous. Check your tires regularly during the summer to avoid this issue.

Increased Construction

All winter long the construction has been at a standstill just waiting for warmer weather so they can resume. Studies have shown that construction areas have increased car accidents and fatalities. Use added caution when you are traveling through construction zones.

Share the Road with Cyclists, Motorcycles etc

During the summer, many avid cyclists and motorcyclists will be out taking advantage of the ideal conditions as well. This means that you need to be attentive and aware that they are there. Turning right and parallel parking are usually when danger strikes. Be aware of those around you so you aren’t involved in an accident with a cyclist.

Car Overheating on Hot Days

Your car may be at a higher risk of overheating during the summer. The air conditioner along with the outside temp make up this threat. If your vehicle is showing signs of overheating, it is important to pull over to give it the time needed to cool down. Don’t forget that you could overheat as well. It is a good idea to always travel with a bottle of water in the case that you could need it.

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