DIY Tow Bar Plans in Grand Prairie, TX? Why You Should Hire a Professional Towing Service!

Its not a good idea to tow a vehicle yourself. It may seem like a good idea at first because you may think it will save you some money, but your car may suffer the consequences and you might hurt yourself or others. You will also need to be aware of the local regulations when it comes to towing to avoid getting a ticket. There are some very good reasons to hire professionals like Citywide Towing when you need to have your vehicle towed!

Reasons to Hire a Professional Towing Company to Tow Your Vehicle

1. Unmatched Towing Capacity– Serious damage can be the result if a vehicle is used to tow another one that can’t handle the weight. The vehicles used to tow are designed with axles that are sturdier along with frames and engines and a maximum gross vehicle rating assigned to them. When towing capacities are exceeded it will have a negative effect on the vehicle’s braking and handling on the roads. It may seem that the tow was successful, but there can be damage that is unseen. This damage can shorten the life of the makeshift towing vehicle and overheating can be the result of undue pressure on the engine. The brakes can wear down and the transmission can fail. When you attempt to tow yourself, you may not be taking into account the gross vehicle weight rating. This can be dangerous for the driver and can compromise the safety of the towing vehicle and the car being towed.
2. Towing Vehicle Connections– There are many contraptions used to tow that only use a tow rope. These ropes are only supposed to be used to extract vehicles from ditches. Even in these situations it’s best to only have a professional do it. We are the only ones that have the experience to do it safely. Inexperienced people put themselves and others at risk when they try to use any kind of rope or chain. When connections aren’t made the right way, the vehicle that is being towed can experience serious damage to the bumper. It can even become loose during the transport. When the towing distance is farther than a few miles, to be safe, a trailer, tow dolly or tow bar needs to be used, or hire professionals. When connections aren’t right, other motorists may not be able see the brake lights and the signal lights, putting others at risk.
3. Driving Methods. If the driver that is towing the vehicle doesn’t have any experience and they usually don’t, it’s impossible for them to know how to handle the vehicle on the road. The tow vehicle needs to make much wider turns than usual to make sure the car being towed doesn’t hit curbs and the added weight will need more momentum. Sharp attention is needed to control the vehicle. If there is speeding and risky merges, there may be swaying to the towed vehicle. This can make the driver lose control. There is also the fact that the transmission needs to set to neutral, otherwise the engine and the tires can suffer expensive damage.

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It will be safer and less expensive to hire professionals rather than do any towing on your own. Contact Citywide Towing to handle all types of tows, regular and emergency, with speed and efficiency.

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