Does Driving Hard Damage Your Car in Duncanville, TX? Bad Habits to Avoid a Breakdown

Even if you’ve been driving for a long time, you may have some habits that can harm your vehicle and pave the way to car trouble in the future. You’re never too old to break a bad habit!

Driving Habits that are Bad for Your Car

1. It is bad to run a car on low fuel. Do you only fill your tank up when it’s almost empty? This may seem like no big deal but driving around when the fuel is very low all the time can lead to problems. Not only does your vehicle need gas to work, but it also helps keep modern fuel pumps cool. For this reason, it’s a good idea to always fill up when your tank gets to a quarter full.
2. Ignoring car warning signs. Dismissing lights that illuminate on the dashboard is not advisable. Either is ignoring bumps, rattles and vibrations that start to occur. When these things happen it’s an indication that something needs to be looked at. It may seem like no big deal because you can still drive but you really need to have a mechanic look at it to figure out what’s going on.
3. Is parking brake necessary? It may not seem all that necessary to use the parking brake with automatic transmissions but continuing to park without applying the parking brake can lead to issues with the transmission. Save yourself a future repair and start using the parking brake on a regular basis.
4. Hard braking can damage a car. The best way to keep your brakes in great shape is to avoid sudden stops, unless it’s necessary to hit the brakes fast. When you do it unnecessarily it wears down the rotors and pads faster. Concentrate when you drive and look ahead so you can avoid sudden stops.
5. Never rest your hand on the shifter gear lever. It may seem harmless to rest your hands on the gear stick, but this habit can cause undue stress on the bushings and synchronizers that are part of the transmission. Avoid keeping your hand on the shifter and only use it when you need to change gears.
6. Effect of hitting potholes and speed bumps on car. One third of all vehicle damage is caused by potholes, so it’s a good idea to avoid them. The impact can cause wheels to buckle, lumps in the tire and cracked alloys. It can also upset the tracking and wheel balancing. There are some potholes that can be hard to see until you hit them, but when you can avoid them you should. Driving over speed bumps without slowing down can cause damage to the front and rear of the car, the underside and possibly the exhaust system.

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These habits can damage your car, cause it to consume too much fuel, accelerate its need for maintenance and in some cases fail all together. This can all be easily avoided when you change your driving habits. If you do have a breakdown on the road you can trust Citywide Towing Service to help you out! We offer fast towing and roadside assistance services.

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