Driving Safety Tips & Practices for New & Other Drivers in Addison, TX to Avoid Car Accidents

Sometimes drivers have to make split second decisions to avoid an accident. Making these decisions reduces the chances that you, the passengers in your car and the other cars of getting seriously injured.

Safe Driving Practices

1. Keep your cool- There are many factors that can cause accidents that don’t include road rage. Being sad, distracted or stressed out can cause an accident. Should you get emotionally overwhelmed when you’re having a conversation with someone it’s best to pull over and gather your thoughts before you get back on the road.
2. Don’t rush and remain calm- Regardless of how quickly you need to get somewhere if you feel like you need to pull over, then pull over. This includes when you need to make a call, send a text, have a drink or a snack, even when you need to yell at the kiddos who are causing a ruckus in the backseat.
3. Have snacks and water in your car- You don’t need to be going on a long trip to have snacks and water in the car. You will be grateful for it if you should have a breakdown because kids tend to get a little cranky if they’re hungry or thirsty-not to mention you!
4. Take advantage of modern technology- Use the GPS on your smart device to find your way. If you need to read or look at a map, then you’re not looking at the road. Using a GPS device can save your life and the lives of others and they’re not hat much of an investment,
5. Fasten your seatbelts- The leading cause of death for children aged 10-19 is car accidents. We all know we need to buckle up. Teach your children the importance of buckling up when they are riding in a car and be a good example. If they see you do it then they will too.
6. You’re not the king of the road- Remember that you can’t control traffic. You can only control how you handle it. All the yelling and honking will not get you far. If you find yourself very agitated, then pull over to give yourself a chance to calm down.
7. Traffic rules need to be obeyed — There are times you will feel like the traffic laws were created to annoy you, but they weren’t. They’re there to keep everyone safe. Obey the rules and watch for pedestrians and other drivers.
8. Keep moving – There’s no reason that you need to slow down when you see a car accident. All you do by slowing down is increase the chances of causing another one!
9. Obey school zones – Slow down when you are in a school zone. You can avoid hurting a child and getting a ticket if the cops catch you going too fast. Speeding in a school zone increases the amount of the ticket greatly.
10. Stop means stop – Traffic lights are there to control traffic flow for vehicles and pedestrians. Obey these lights and stop when they tell you to.

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Using these tips will make you a more competent driver and keep everyone safe and avoid car accidents. If you find yourself in need of roadside assistance or towing services, contact Citywide Towing for help!

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