Etiquette for Interacting with Tow Truck Drivers in DeSoto, TX; Move Over Laws & More

When you need a towing service, or even roadside assistance, many might wonder what the proper way is when it comes to interacting with the tow truck operator. It is important to understand the job of a tow truck operator and what they go through each day. They too have a stressful job and to help prevent any miscommunication between you and the operator, Citywide Towing would like to share some basic etiquette that can make for a faster and smoother tow or assistance service.

Move Over Laws

A move over law is a law which requires motorists to move over and change lanes to give safe clearance to law enforcement officers, firefighters, ambulances, utility workers, and in some cases, tow-truck drivers. If you are a driver on the road and you see a tow truck with their lights flashing, this indicates we are attempting to assist someone. Even if you’re stuck in traffic or speeding down the freeway, please move to the other side of the road. We are attempting to help someone that could have broken down on the road and couldn’t make it to the side or shoulder. You could be in danger as well. However, in most cases it is polite to give the tow truck operator the space we need to work. For those times you see a tow truck driver with their lights on and you’re stuck in traffic, attempt to move out of the tow truck’s way. Most likely there was an accident and a towing service was called out to move the cars off of the road. If you want to get out of traffic faster, give the tow truck the space we need.

Remain Calm if Your Vehicle Breaks Down

If you have broken down on surface streets, on the freeway, or in a parking lot, it is understandable you may be a little stressed out. Nevertheless, remain calm. When you call for a towing or roadside assistance in most cases they will give you an estimated time of arrival. If not, be sure to ask. In most cases towing operator can get to you pretty fast. However, there are times they too get caught up in bad traffic. If the operator is late give them some understanding. Remember a towing company depends on providing quick and good services to be successful.

Give Details to Towing Company

When you need assistance and you contact a towing company, make sure you give details as to your location, and vehicle description. This makes it faster for the towing operator to locate you. Also explain the need for our services. If you have a flat tire, have run out of gas, or have been involved in an accident, make sure you explain what services you need. If your vehicle is broken down and you’re not sure of the cause, share what led to the vehicle failure. We may be able to narrow down the problem.

Tipping Tow Truck Drivers & Roadside Assistance Technicians

After a towing operator has come and helped you, some wonder if you’re supposed to tip the operator. Each towing company rules may vary as to whether or not they are allowed to except tips. However, if you feel we provided excellent services and you got the help you needed, you can tip the operator. Tipping is a modern way to express your gratitude for a job well done. If you want to tip the operator, we are sure the operator would appreciate the gesture.

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