Flat Tire Causes in Glenn Heights, TX; Why Do I Keep Getting Flats & How to Avoid Needing a Tire Change

When a tire flat or blowout occurs on the road, especially on the highway, it can cause an accident. It can also cause a delay in traffic and in your schedule. Flat tires seems to occur when you’re on your way to work or picking up your kids from school. To prevent unexpected tire failures you must take steps to monitor and properly take care of your vehicle’s tires. Tires do require frequent inspection and casual maintenance. Citywide Towing Service will share how to care for your vehicle’s tires and hopefully reduce and prevent future tire failures.

Tire Pressure Monitoring

Tires need to be inspected and monitored. The tire pressure needs to be checked as well as the tire tread. Both are essential to the care of the tire and your safety. Tire pressure helps maintain the condition or health of the tires. When the tire pressure is too low it can cause irregular wear patterns in the tire which creates weakness and often leads to a blow out. Another result of low tire pressure is that it allows the rubber to move around and become stretched out. This also leads to blowouts which can cause the driver to lose control at higher speeds. All tires vary on how much pressure they require. Make sure you know your tire pressure requirements and check it often. Consider keeping a tire gauge in your vehicle at all times for convenience. It will also help you remember to check the pressure.

Check Tire Tread

Make sure to check the tread of the tire. The tire tread provides better grip while driving on the road. As the tire tread wears, not only do you lose traction, the tire is also weaker. If you are driving at high speeds during the hot summer, the tire can blow out or develop a small crack that allows the air to leak and go flat. Checking the tire tread is easy and only takes a few seconds. Use a penny upside down and make sure that the tread is up to Lincoln’s eye. If the tread is at the top of his head, your tread is way too low. To prevent a flat or blowout replace the tire when the tread is too low.

Avoid Exceeding Car Weight Limit

The way people drive their vehicle can reduce or increase the chances of flat or blowout. One common cause of blowout is when a person overloads or surpasses their vehicle’s weight capacity. Each vehicle has a weight capacity and this should never exceed the recommended weight limit. The added weight can put too much pressure on the tires which can also result in a blowout. With the added weight, the driver can also lose control. Make sure you know your vehicle’s weight capacity and never exceed it, especially in pickup trucks.

Does Driving Fast Wear Out Tires?

Another common cause for tire blowouts is speeding. Speeding is problematic especially during the summer. Speeds cause the tires to spin more and of course, faster. This causes the tires to get very hot. As the tires get too hot it can cause the tires to blowout and combined with high speeds, it can be dangerous. Avoid high speeds. Another major factor is tire quality. The better quality the less chance the tire will blowout or go flat.

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Use these tips to avoid tire flats and blowouts. If you need help changing your tires or you need other roadside assistance, contact Citywide Towing Service today.

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