Flatbed Towing VS a Wheel Lift Tow Truck in Dallas, TX; What’s Best for Two, Four or All Wheel Drive, Short or Long Distances & More?

You may ask yourself, which one is better – flatbed towing or wheel lift towing? This is a question that is often asked and the answer is they both are a valuable way to transport a nonfunctional vehicle. There are other ways to tow a vehicle as well. However, the two main methods used by professional towing companies are either with a flatbed or wheel lift tow truck. Each has their own uses and can be used in different situations. Citywide Towing utilizes both methods of towing and we will share the difference between the two and how they how are ideal in different situations.

Flatbed Towing for Four Wheel & All Wheel Drive Vehicles, Expensive Cars & Long Distance Tows

Flatbed towing is a method that uses a flatbed auto hauler vehicle which is a large truck. These trucks have a platform that can be moved partially off of the truck. This makes it easier to load a vehicle in any position. Trucks will position themselves in front of the vehicle, then back into position and load the disabled vehicle up. The vehicle is then strapped down to the bed before it is lifted back up on the bed of the truck. Some prefer using a flatbed hauler for this reason. Because the whole vehicle is stationary and strapped down, it helps preserve the transmission. In the event of a collision or accident where the vehicle is unable to move itself, a flatbed hauler is often utilized because it is a for sure method to remove the vehicle. Additionally flatbed haulers can move vehicles of any size.

Wheel Lift Towing for Two Wheel Drive Vehicles & to Maneuver Out of Tight Spots

Wheel Lift Towing is one of the original methods of towing vehicles. Wheel lift towing has been around for ages and is still a valuable method of transporting vehicles today. Wheel lift towing uses chains and a hydraulic dolly that can secure to either the front or the rear of the disabled vehicle. The most suitable position for towing will depend on where either the front or rear tires are still in contact with the ground and can be rolled behind the towing truck. Some don’t like this method because it adds wear to the transmission. Wheel lift towing is limited to medium or smaller size vehicles. Larger vehicles will need a flatbed method of towing. Most recreational vehicles can be towed using wheel lift towing.

Flatbed & Wheel Lift Towing in Duncanville, Irving, Mesquite & Greater Dallas, Texas

Both flatbed and wheel lift towing is still a common method to transport vehicles and one isn’t better than the other. Again, it will depend on the circumstances of the need for towing services. Sometimes a vehicle has been damaged beyond wheel lift towing. This is where it helps to have a flatbed hauler to move the vehicle, especially if it is on a freeway. Citywide Towing uses both methods because we understand the situation will dictate which one is better utilized. Citywide Towing provides services 24 hours a day and seven days a week because we know that accidents or other vehicular failures occur at any time. We also provide roadside services and so much more. Save our number and call Citywide Towing when you need assistance.

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