Flooded Roads in Farmers Branch, TX; Tips for Driving Through Water to Avoid Car Damage

There are lots of different dangers to be concerned about on the road. The largest concern that most drivers have is getting in an accident. Drivers also say that they regularly are anxious about having car problems. One thing that many drivers do not think about is the danger of driving on flooded roads. Here at Citywide Towing Service, we tow hundreds of cars each year that got stuck in flooded waters. Lots of times drivers are simply just not aware of the dangers that surround driving on flooded roadways.

Don’t Ignore Barricades when Driving in High Water

Let’s start by talking about what precautions you should take if the roadways are flooded. The first tip that we have for you might seem so silly but you would be surprised at how many cars that we tow as a result of not following this simple tip. Please make sure that do not ignore any barricades that have been set up by your local officials. These barricades were put there to help keep you safe. Ignoring these warnings frequently ends in disaster.

Find Alternate Route in Case of Flooding Road Closures

Sometimes warning signs and barricades have not been placed in areas where there is too much water on the road to drive safely. In these cases you will need to exercise good judgement. If there is standing water on the road it is best not to drive through it regardless of how shallow or deep you think it might be. Trying to drive through standing water could cause your engine to stall. This could cause irreplaceable damage to your car. It is just not worth the risk. Take the extra time to take an alternate route if you come across a flooded street.

Driving Through Water to Avoid Car Damage

Even though our best advice is not to drive on flooded waters, Citywide Towing also has tips to share with you if you find yourself on a flooded road. You will want to make sure that you drive very slow and steady through the water. Many people think that driving as fast as they can through the water is the best option but this is not a good idea. As you drive through the water keep your eyes open for items that may be floating in the water. Running into items in the flooded water can cause major damage to your car. You could also get trapped by larger items that are in the water.

Car Shut Off While Driving Through Water

If you end up stuck in the water you will want to make sure that you stay safe. If the water is rising you will want to get out of your car immediately and try to get to higher ground. Sometimes drivers do not want to leave their car. Choosing to stay with your car could be catastrophic. Please get out of your car. You may find that your door will not open. Call 911 if you are unable to get out of your car and head to safety.

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Citywide Towing Service hopes that you will follow these tips if you find yourself driving near flooded roads. Staying calm and being practical will be extremely beneficial. If your car ends up getting stuck in the water and you need your car towed give us a call here at Citywide Towing Service.

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