For What Reasons Should You Pull Over in Wilmer, TX? Car Making Noise When Driving & More

When your vehicle is experiencing technical or mechanical difficulties while driving, it’s hard to know which issues you should try to push through and get to your destination or which you should immediately pull over and find a solution for. Where some are fairly obvious, others may seem slight but in the grand scheme of things, they shouldn’t have been overlooked. Below, we at Citywide Towing Service lists some of the top reasons you should pull over instead of pushing your vehicle.

For What Reasons Should You Pull Over?

1) Abrupt Changes in Performance: The steering wheel will suddenly change in how it feels and reacts when there is a change in the handling. Alterations on the steering performance such as wobbling back and forth or an abrupt jerk to one direction of the steering wheel should prompt you to pull over. The handling may change suddenly for a number of different reasons. The severity of the situation can vary, from being something as basic as the road’s surface or more serious like a loose wheel or blown out tire. No matter the cause, pulling over is the safest option.
2) Car Making Noise When Driving: Sudden and loud noises you hear while driving should make you pull over immediately even though it may not necessarily be a problem with the vehicle. The noise could be something minuscule like driving over road debris or on the other hand something to do with the engine. Pulling over to be sure is the safest bet.
3) Car Overheating & Smoking from Under the Hood: Any type of steam or smoke misting from the hood of a vehicle is a sure sign something is wrong and is a rather likely obvious reason to pull over. The cooling system will often manifest steam when there is an issue, which could potentially cause overheating and damage the vehicle’s engine. Smoke is very serious as it points to a fire in the engine. No matter which vapors are being produced it is essential you pull your vehicle over to determine the problem and find an optimal solution.
4) Check Engine Light On: Always pull over when your engine light switches on as it is a feature designed to inform drivers there is a problem in the engine. When the engine light comes on it could be something minor like a missing gas cap or something major. In any case, pulling over is critical. Even the simple problems can bring on major issues if left neglected.
5) Oil or Temperature Warning Lights Switch On: Oil light or temperature lights coming on is another obvious reason to pull over as it is letting the driver know there is an issue. Often due to loss of coolant, which will lead to excessive engine damage from overheating is typically the reason the engine light comes on. The oil light indicates there was a loss of oil, which in a matter minutes can cause significant damage. In any case, when either light comes on pull over immediately to avoid damage.

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