Grinding Gears & Other Signs of Transmission Problems that Can Lead to a Breakdown & Car Accident in Grapevine, TX

Transmission failure often leads to sudden breakdowns and even an accidents. Many drivers find themselves broken down on the side of the road, seeking rescue from their dependable towing service. Often the vehicle’s transmission will give some warning signs that it is failing and will require mechanical assistance. To prevent an unexpected break down, Citywide Towing Service will share common signs that the transmission is breaking or failing.

Transmission Fluid Leak

Transmission fluid is most commonly red, but there are green transmission fluids as well. When there are stains on the driveway or parking area that are either red or green, it means the transmission fluid is leaking. Leaks can occur from the pan gasket, torque converter seal, or the fluid line. Without proper amount of transmission fluid, the transmission will quickly break down.

Clunking Noises when Changing Gears

Another common sign that the transmission will go out or will break down soon, is a clunking noise. If you hear a clunking noise as the vehicle switches gears, this is major sign that the transmission needs immediate inspection and often repair. Prolonging repair will result in a roadside break down with no way to move the vehicle without a towing service.

Transmission Fluid Smells like Burnt Rubber

When there is a burning odor while you have been driving it can be due to a number of different problems. However, one possible problem is that the transmission oil is overheating within the transmission box. Overheating can lead to a number of problems and none of them are good for the vehicle. They often require expensive repairs or total transmission replacements. If there is a burning smell, pull off the road and park the vehicle in a safe spot. You may need to allow the vehicle to cool down and then drive it to your mechanic or seek towing services.

Grinding Gears

Some signs between automatic and manual transmission vehicles can vary greatly. For automatic transmissions, one sign to watch out for is when the rpm changes and there is a pulling or grinding sound in the gears. Manual transmissions will produce a very loud and distinct grinding sound when gears are changed. Often this is because the transmission synchronizers are broken, or the clutch is degraded. Both types of transmissions shouldn’t ever make a grinding sound and should be looked at as soon as possible.

Transmission Noise in Neutral

If you ever have an odd bumping sound while the vehicle is in neutral, this is often due to low transmission fluid. Again low transmission fluid will lead to more serious problems. Additionally, transmission fluid shouldn’t ever run out or become low unless there is a leak present. It is essential to find the leak and repair it quickly.

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The transmission is one of the most essential components to your vehicle. When the transmission fails, so does the entire vehicle. To prevent a serious breakdown that often requires towing services, be sure to monitor your vehicle and keep on the lookout for these common transmission failure warning signs. If you find yourself broken down and needing a dependable towing or roadside assistance service, contact Citywide Towing Service. We are ready to help you 24/7.

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