High Gas Prices in Garland, TX; How to Reduce Fuel Consumption & Get Better Mileage

It never fails. It seems like gas prices always go up before long weekends and the summer months. High gas process can have an impact on your budget. How can you get the most out of the gas in your car?

Ways to Save Fuel & Make Your Gas Last Longer

1. Slow down. As soon as you start driving faster than 55 miles per hour, you’ll start losing more fuel. Slowing down by just 5 miles per hour will reduce your fuel economy by 7%, slowing down 10 miles per hour, 14%. Drive the speed limit and do it consistently to improve your fuel economy.
2. Keep RPMS low. Another way to save on fuel economy is to keep your tachometer under 3000 revs per minute.
3. Parking. If you know you’ll be waiting longer than three minutes, it’s better to turn your car off rather than let it idle. It will save energy when you turn your engine off.
4. Stop tailgating. When you drive too closely to the car in front of you, you will need to react faster to that car. Direction changes and sudden braking can have a negative impact on the efficiency of your car.
5. Close windows. Open windows increase the drag on your car, more so at high speeds. Close your windows and turn the air conditioning on to save on fuel. This will work even better at higher speeds.
6. Cruise control. Remember how consistent speeds improve fuel economy? This is where cruise control comes in. Cruise control works even better over long distances to save money.
7. Check oil. Regular oil changes will keep your engine clean and will provide better gas mileage for your car. Not only will your car last longer with proper maintenance, you’ll save on gas too.
8. Tire pressure. Driving with flat tires is not only dangerous but has a negative effect on gas mileage too. Check your tires on a regular basis to ensure they are properly inflated to prevent loses in energy. Make sure you rotate them regularly too because lopsided tires can have an impact on your engine.
9. Check air filters. Clean air filters also help with fuel economy because a dirty one will have your car going into overdrive and will waste energy.
10. Watch traffic lights. The biggest drain on the gas efficiency of your car is starting from a complete stop. Slow down when you’re getting close to a red light but be prepared to keep going if it turns green. This will also save your brake pads.
11. Plan ahead. If you know you’ll be running around all day, then plan your stops in a way to save gas. Start at the furthest stop from your home and work back. Avoid rush hour and high traffic areas to further save on gas.
12. Lose some weight. The more weight your car carries, the more gas consumption there will be. Removing items that aren’t needed will make gas last longer.

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