Hot Weather Causes Increase in Tire Pressure & Wear, Dry Rotted Tires & More in Coppell, TX?

When it comes to the weather there are some people that can’t wait for the cold sweater weather of winter while others fair much better in the hot summer days. No matter what you prefer the weather has an impact on many aspects of your life. One is that the weather will determine what is able to grow and flourish. The plants, grass and flowers make their presence known in the spring and the cold of winter means they are dormant. The change in weather means that you are ready to change out what you are wearing to stay warm or cool down. When it comes to the vehicle you are driving the weather can also have an adverse effect on it as well. You want to make sure that you know what some of these effects are so that you can try to avoid them. You can also be prepared to make changes to your vehicle before you are left stranded on the side of the road. One part of your vehicle that is effected by weather happens to be your tires.

Citywide Towing Service Outlines How Hot Weather Affects Tire Pressure & Vehicle Handling Performance

Increase of Tire Pressure: When it comes to your tires they are manufactured to take a certain amount of air pressure. You can tell what pressure this is by looking at the sidewall of your tire. The pressure that is recommended can be checked by using a tool called a tire pressure gauge. This will show you what you are at so that you can increase or decrease it. The pressure is important not only for the vehicle to have the smoothest ride but it also can help save on gas mileage. Lastly it is important for the safety of the vehicle and that is why you want to take it seriously. The heat outside can have an adverse effect on your tires. The hotter it is outside the more pressure that will build in the tire. If the degrees rise more than ten degrees it will increase the pressure in the tire as well. This can become dangerous and that is why the hotter it is outside you want to make sure that you keep an eye on the tires pressure.
Dry Rotted Tires: The other problem that you have when the weather is hot is that the sun seems to beat down even hotter. The hot weather is hard on many types of surfaces with rubber being one of them. Your rubber tires can be broken down by the sun and this can lead to dry rot. You can tell that the rubber is staring to dry rot by the cracks that will start to form. These cracks can become larger and longer and that can lead to your tire becoming separated.
Tire Wear Problems: Another problem that you might come across when you have a vehicle out in the sun is that the heat of the street can wear the tires down faster. The heat will cause the rubber to heat up and that will burn off the tread. This can lead to needing to replace the tires sooner that you might otherwise need to.

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