How are Old Scrap Car Bodies Recycled in DeSoto, TX? Cash for Junk Cars Programs Help the Environment!

If you have a junk car that is sitting on your property, collecting dust, you may wonder what will happen to it if you finally decide to sell it off to someone that is looking to purchase your junk car. The fact is most junk cars are recycled. Almost 80% of the junk car you have is made up of recyclable parts. This is quite the process and involves several steps to get the job done. Citywide Towing Service is here to talk a little bit about the process and what all is involved in recycling your junk car after you have sold it.

How are Scrap Cars Processed?

The majority of your junk car is completely recyclable. This makes the recycling process a big one when it comes to recycling your junk car. Here is what the process looks like.
– Inspection: The first thing that must be done is a thorough inspection. It needs to be looked at closely to determine whether or not it can be fixed and still used. If there is no way to fix it for use, then the recycling process will go forward.
– Fluid Draining & Dismantling: Any materials on the vehicle that are salvageable will be removed. This includes any engine oil, gas, antifreeze and lubricants. Any parts that are still useable will be removed as well so they can be sold.
– Sell Parts: If there are any parts that are useable, this would be the time that they are sold for a profit. Some parts can only be sold to the manufacturers that made them, but others can be sold to repair shops and other businesses that can use them and repurpose them. Some of the parts of a car that are recycled like this are tires, glass, plastic, rubber and leather. There are many different materials that can be found in your old junk car.
– Disposing of ASR: Any parts of the car that are recyclable are known as ASR. These parts need to be disposed of responsibly.
– Crushing: Once everything else is done, the body of the vehicle is all that is left. Usually, the body will be crushed. Vehicle bodies can be crushed as small as a golf ball when all is said and done to help reduce their size.

Are New Cars Made with Recycled Steel?

If you are driving around a new set of wheels, there is a good chance that part of it came from an old vehicle that was repurposed. All the steel that is collected from old junk cars is melted down and used to make newer vehicles.

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