How Can You Avoid Getting a Flat Tire in Rowlett, TX?; Keep Recommended Pressure for Tires & More

Who has time for a flat tire? Most of the time, when your tire goes flat, you have a million things you would rather be doing than changing a flat tire. That is, if you have the ability to change it on your own. Flat tires can be difficult to fix when you don’t have the proper training and experience. In fact, most people are just better off taking the precautions needed to avoid a flat tire in the first place. Citywide Towing Service is here to share some tips that will hopefully help you avoid this problem.

Keep Recommended Tire Pressure

One of the most important aspects of your tires in the pressure within them. If they aren’t filled with the right amount of pressure, it can cause big problems for you. Your vehicle usually has a sticker on the doorjamb of the vehicle that clearly tells you what your tires should be filled with. If you are unable to find that sticker, you can check in the owner’s manual to get the perfect amount of pressure needed.

Is Tire Rotation Necessary?

When your tires are rotated on a regular schedule, studies have found that they wear more evenly. This is important because the way your tires wear has a big impact on their overall health. Some people feel confident in handling a tire rotation on their own, while others feel the need to have help from a professional to ensure the job was done correctly.

Avoid Hitting Debris in the Road

Sometimes there is nothing you can do about the debris that accumulates in the road. There are other times, that the debris is large and you can easily get out of the way before it damages your vehicle. You should avoid driving in places that will have a higher amount of debris lying around such as a construction site. Another thing that you should watch out for are obstacles in the road like potholes. If you hit a pothole just right, it can cause a flat tire as well.

Adhere to Tire Load Rating

Loading down your vehicle before you take off can be hazardous to your tires. If you’re going to be carrying an extra heavy load, you should make sure your tires can handle it. They need to be inflated enough that they can support the weight. You should be able to find this information in the owner’s manual. You may need to inflate them a bit more to be able to handle the heavy load that you are carrying.

Watch for Tire Recalls

Every now and then there may be a recall on your tires or vehicle. These recalls can affect the safety of your vehicle. It is good to be aware of any possible recalls to ensure your safety.

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Even those that are most diligent may find themselves with a flat tire every once in a while. If you are stranded with a flat tire and are in need of assistance, there is no one better to call than Citywide Towing Service. Call us today!

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