How Can You Prevent a Rollover Car Accident in Grand Prairie, TX; Take Turns at Low Speed & More

Some of the most terrifying and deadly crashes on the road are rollover crashes. When your vehicles rolls over on its side as you are driving, passengers are often ejected from the vehicle and serious injury occurs. When it comes to rollover crashes, there are several things that drivers can do to reduce the risk of a rollover. Of course, there will always be situations that are unavoidable, but most drivers want to do everything they can to avoid it; and for good reason. Citywide Towing Service is here to share some tips to help you avoid these deadly car accidents.

Don’t Buy Vehicles Most Likely to Roll Over

Some vehicles are going to be more likely to rollover than others. If you are looking for a vehicle that is less likely to rollover, you should look for one that has a low center of gravity and a wide wheel base. Some cars that are more likely to rollover are SUVs, minivans and trucks. A low riding car is much less likely to rollover.

Take Turns at Low Speed to Avoid a Rollover

Taking a turn too fast is a common cause of rollover accidents. Better to be going slightly slower than you should rather than faster when it comes to turning. When a vehicle is going to fast around a turn, the tire will often catch on the curb or guard rail and cause the vehicle to start rolling. Slow down, it isn’t worth the few moments you will save by driving too fast.

Use Safe Driving Practices in Less than Ideal Road Conditions

Snow isn’t the only weather than should cause you to drive slower. Anytime there is water of any kind found on the road, you should be cautious. Heavy rainfall can cause water to accumulate on the road and cause hydroplaning. This makes it difficult to control your vehicle and you have a greater risk of a rollover.

Tire Balancing

The balance of your vehicle is the key to avoiding a rollover accident. If your tires aren’t professionally balanced, you have a greater risk of an accident. You should also have the same amount of air pressure in all of your tires as well. Before you leave for any road trip, you should check the air pressure in each of your tires to ensure they are the same. The more balanced your vehicle is, the better.

Don’t Drink & Drive

It’s no secret that when you choose to drink alcohol and drive a vehicle, you are at a greater risk of an accident. As you are incapable of making quick decisions and have a delayed reaction time, you will be putting yourself and others at risk. If you have been drinking, get a designated driver.

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