How Do You Diagnose a Vehicle that Won’t Start in Irving, TX? Bad Ignition Switch, Dead Car Battery & More

At the most inopportune time is when your vehicle seems to break down. Only when you get back to it to continue their journey, many people experience a parked vehicle that will not start. This leaves people stranded without any transportation with little chance to repair the problem. Though a bigger inconvenience when you are out, having this situation occur outside your home is frustrating too. We at Citywide Towing Service would like to share a few things you can check, today if you find yourself in this predicament.

Dead Car Battery Needs a Jumpstart

A dead battery is a rather easy to identify and being the topmost common reason for a vehicle not to start. To ensure it is not the starter, check for the clicking sound when trying to start the vehicle. Keep in mind the clicking but not cranking in the engine may be an indication of an electrical issue, as well. To use a feature connected to the battery like the wipers, automatic windows, headlights, and so on is another test to see if the batter is dead. If they do not work, the battery is likely the culprit, the battery powers these things to operate them. The battery might completely be dead and need replacing, a jump may possibly repair the issue but in some instances.

Changing a Dirty, Clogged Fuel Filter

It prevents gas from reaching the engine, as the car won’t start if the fuel filter is too clogged. A fuel filter needs to be changed every 10,000 miles, as a part of routine maintenance. Especially if you can’t get the vehicle to start, should you be past due, be sure to get it done.

Fuel Delivery when Vehicle Run Out of Gas

Where sometimes others simply forget the gas tank needs a refill, or the sensor and gauges are not fully functioning, some people push the limitations of their fuel. The vehicle simply won’t start if the fuel tank is depleted. Start the check list of potential issues and start at the fuel tank and see if there is adequate fuel if the vehicle won’t start.

Bad Ignition Switch

Particularly if there is no issue with the battery, consider checking the ignition switch. Simply turn on the headlights that is powered by the battery to determine if the problem is the ignition switch or the battery, making checking the ignition switch fairly easy. If the battery is functional, there is an issue with the ignition switch, more often than not.

Bad Starter

When the battery is performing appropriately is the starter, the primary culprit for most vehicles struggling to start. As you turn the engine over, you can check this component easily by listening for a clicking sound. The starter is likely the source of your vehicle woes if you hear the clicking noise when you turn the keys.

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