How Do You Know when Your Tires Need Replacing to Avoid a Flat Tire or Blowout in Addison, TX?

When should I replace my tires? This is a common question asked and the answer will vary due to a combination of different factors. Those who put off replacing their tires can find themselves with a flat tire, blow out, or even have an accident. Maintaining the tires is a very important task and not just for the reliability of the vehicle but for the safety of everyone one the road. To know when to replace your tires is crucial knowledge. This is why Citywide Towing Service would like to share how you can better determine when it is time to replace your tires.

Tire Wear Indicator

As a vehicle owner or driver, it is a good habit to check your tires for wear every few weeks or perhaps once a month. By constantly inspecting your tires, you will be able to identify when the tires are worn down. All tires sold in the United States today have a tread wear bar. The trend bar is the raised parts of the tire or the rubber grooves. The tread bars of the tire help to protect the inner tire and provide traction. As the tread bar wears down, you are more likely to experience flats, blow outs, and skidding. A tire’s tread depth measures at 32nds of an inch. New tire tread material will range from 9/32 of an inch to 11/32 of an inch. A worn down tread that is under 2/32 of an inch is when tires should be replaced. It is important to monitor the tread wear bar and its depth to know when the tire needs to be replaced.

How to Check Tire Tread

One way to know if your tire tread is too worn down is by using the penny test. Use a penny with the head side facing you. Flip the penny so Lincoln’s head is upside down. Stick the penny inside the tire tread. If the tread is as high as Lincoln’s forehead your tires are still good. However, if the tread is under his head or hair, your tires need to be replaced. The penny test is easy and fast which makes checking your tires a breeze.

How Log Do Tires Last on Average

Tires have their own lifespan that roughly lasts between 20,000 to 60,000 miles. The range in a tire’s life ranges because no tire is made equally. Like any manufactured item, you will find a wide range in quality. Some tires will only last 20,000 miles while others will last 3 times longer. However, quality isn’t just the only factor, but the tire’s exposure. Tires exposed to dirt or rougher roads will naturally wear down faster. It is good to note your tire’s quality and its own expected lifespan. As it begins to reach closer to its expected end, you can begin doing the penny test to see if it is time. If your tires are over five years old it is also a good rule to begin checking your tires to see if they need replacing.

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To avoid tire blowouts, flats and skidding on the road, it is important to replace your tires before they get too worn down. If you find you have a flat tire or blow out and need help changing your tire, contact Citywide Towing Service for roadside assistance or towing services today.

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