How Do You Survive a Rollover Accident in Balch Springs, TX? Brace Yourself, Turn Off Engine & More

When you are in an accident and your vehicle was hit with such force it rolled over, you know this can be a very scary situation. Even though being in a rollover accident is terrifying, it is important to react properly to ensure your safety and the safety of any passengers. As we hope to never be in a rollover accident, it is good to know how to react and be prepared. Citywide Towing Service would like to walk you through this “what if” situation and tell you how to properly react if you are ever in a rollover vehicle.

How Do You Brace Yourself for a Rollover Accident?

In the “what if” rollover scenario, one would begin to feel the vehicle being tipped and eventually rollover to its side. If more force is involved, the vehicle may rollover several times. As soon as you feel the first tip take your foot off the pedal. Most people will put pressure down on the breaks. However, to help reduce injury, pull your leg in toward the seat, cross your arms over your chest, and lean into the seat. You must do all of this in a single second. If you can manage the maneuver, you will reduce injury. Hold this position until the vehicle has come to a stop.

Check for Injury to Head & Body After a Rollover Collision

As soon as the vehicle has stop moving, you will need to quickly check yourself for major injuries and if present, check over your passengers. You and the other passenger should run their hands over their body starting at the head and work down to their toes. If there is a lot of blood or a broken bone, you will want to seek help. If everyone appears to be okay, and with just minor injuries, you will want to get to safety.

Is it Better to Turn Off Your Engine or Leave it Running After Car Rolls Over

Once you have accessed you and your passengers for injuries, you will want to turn off the engine. Especially if you are upside down or on the vehicle’s side, you will want to quickly turn off the engine. If you and your passenger are severely injured, you will want to call 911. Tell the operator you are upside down and if injured, relate your injuries. They may want you to lay still to prevent further problems, or if you are able, they will direct you to get out of the vehicle and find a safe place. If you are unable to move, let the operator know so they can let the emergency team know the details of your situation.

Exit the Vehicle and Find a Safe Place to Wait for Roadside Help

If you are able to move and get out of the vehicle, you will want to get out. Look for the best way to exit the vehicle. Hopefully you door will open. In some cases the door can be damaged and will not open. Worst case scenario is that you may need to crawl out of a window. Make sure you and all passengers are out of the vehicle. Unless you are on an isolated road, most people will see the rollover and often you will get help. If not, do your best to get out of the vehicle and stand off the road in the safest place you can find.

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Rollovers are scary and dangerous. If you find yourself in one, you will want to react properly. To recover a vehicle from a rollover accident, contact a towing service. For quality towing and roadside assistance services, contact Citywide Towing Service today and stay safe!

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