How Does Cold Weather Affect Your Car in Lancaster, TX? Should I Inflate My Tires in Winter & More

There are changes in life when the seasons change. Each season has their own characteristics that make us act different. The winter is the time of the year that the temperatures drop and the cold weather brings out coats, boots and hot cocoa to stay warm. The other thing about the cold weather is that it can have some adverse effect on the vehicle that you are using. Your vehicle is a lot like other mechanical parts that have levels that are best for that particular machine. Your vehicle is one of the things that we rely on and want it to work so that you are not stranded on the side of the road. That is why you want to know what could be happening to your car in the winter. Citywide Towing Service outlines what happens to your vehicle when the weather gets too cold.

Should I Inflate My Tires in Cold Weather?

The tires that are on your car are made of rubber. They are there to be able to grab the road and create traction that you need to move safely along the road. The problem that happens in the cold is that the rubber will tighten up and will not be able to grip the road as easily as it could when the weather was warm. This is another reason that cars slide on the road during winter. The tires will soften a bit as you drive around so be more cautious in the first twenty minutes of driving.

Can Cold Weather Affect Oil Pressure?

The other part of the car that is being affected when the temperatures are too cold is the engine oil. The oil is needed to keep your car running efficiently and when it thickens from the cold it will not be able to do its job as well. This causes the car to have a hard time starting on the first try and usually takes a second or two longer before it turns over. The numbers on the oil that is being used in the oil change can help keep the oil from thickening too much.

What Effect Does Driving with a Cold Engine Have on Fuel Efficiency?

The next thing that you want to keep an eye on in the winter is the amount of gas that you are probably using. The problem in the winter is that you are running your heater and that is causing the motor to warm up slower than normal. When the motor is being used when it is cold it takes more energy and that means gas. The heater will take more of the heat that the motor needs and that is what makes the motor warm much slower. It is a good idea to allow the car a few minutes to warm up before you start your daily driving.

How to Prevent Windshield from Cracking in the Winter

The next area of the car that is susceptible to damage is the windshield when it is cold out. You want to avoid using warm water on your windshield when it is cold outside. This can cause the glass to crack which also means to be careful with what is in the wiper fluid in the winter months.

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