How Does Fatigue Affect Driving in Wilmer, TX? Why Drowsy Drivers are Dangerous & How to Stop Being Tired

While feeling drowsy, it is never good to drive. Tragically, there are just too many people driving when they are tired, as the anger is very real and with the alarming number of crashes that is from drivers that have drifted behind the wheel. In fact, a contributing factor to nearly 17% of recorded fatal crashes in fact is fatigue. These statistics reflect that most motorists are not taking the proper steps and care to ensure they are alert and awake while driving on the roads. The dangers of driving while fatigue is what we at Citywide Towing Service would like to discuss today.

More Drivers Drive Tired than Drunk

You are not alone if you are guilty of drifting behind the wheel, even if it’s just for a split second. Without serious consequences, few are lucky enough to escape, however. There are more than 100,000 accidents attributed to driving while fatigued every year and a devastatingly high number involving deaths. According to some analysts, the accidents involved with drunk drivers are outnumbered by the accidents that involve driving while fatigued. More people should take alternatives to driving while tired just as much as people should be while intoxicated with this tragic statistic.

Why is Drowsy Driving Dangerous?

When driving fatigued, there is an influx of risk for some over others. Those that are more likely to drift out while driving are people suffering from untreated sleeping disorders, for instance. Additionally, people diagnosed with sleep apnea will have side effects of daytime sleepiness are also at a higher risk. Anyone that works both day and night shifts will develop unnatural sleep patterns that causes them to be more tired during the waking hours. Drowsiness is a side effect from quite a few OTC and prescription medications as well. To avoid the higher risks, you can make proper adjustments by recognizing any lifestyles that can contribute to your risk of driving tired can be evaluated

How Do I Stop Being So Tired While Driving?

Prevention is critical to avoiding driving while fatigued. Drivers that set out too early or too late are commonly involved in the sleep related accidents. Mid-afternoon is driving tired for senior’s peak time. Where applicable, these practices should be avoided. Turn the radio up and roll down the windows should you notice fatigue setting in. Pull over and take a cat nap or call for a tow to the nearest lodging accommodations if you are taking a road trip and the tiredness is getting difficult to overcome. Putting themselves or others at risk is not something most people want. Don’t be another statistic and find another alternative if you find you are too tired. Pulling over for nap, or a tow can prevent serious injury or death, so delay the road trip until you are more rested. Making you vulnerable to accidents, driving tired is more problematic than many people think, not only do you risk dozing off behind the wheel, but the reaction time is significantly slower and problem solving takes more time.

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