How Much Slower Should You Drive in the Rain in Sunnyvale, TX to Avoid a Car Accident

Here in the Greater Dallas area we do not snow during the winter very frequently. The lack of snow is definitely one of the perks of the amazing area that we live in. While we are fortunate enough to miss out on the snow we do still get rained on. The smell of the rain and the sound of the downpour is something that many people enjoy. Not very many people enjoy driving in the rain though. Driving in the rain can be stressful even for the most experienced of drivers. One reason that it is stressful for people is that they do not feel like they have the adequate skills to drive safely while it is raining. Citywide Towing Service would like to help you feel more comfortable driving in the rain so we have some tips for you today.

Waiting for the Rain to Stop

Many people that do not feel comfortable driving in the rain will simply postpone their drive until the rain subsides. Many times there is not actual an urgent reason that you must get in your car right at the very minute and drive on the roads during a downpour. If you can simply wait a little bit for the weather to improve that is always a great option.

Maintain Car when Driving in the Rain

If you are going to drive in the rain you will want to make sure that your car is in good condition. Driving on the rain with tires that are in poor condition reduces the traction of your tires on the road. Add this to the decreased traction from the rain and it’s a recipe for disaster. Maintaining your tires is always important but especially if you are going to be driving in the rain. You also want to make sure that your windshield wipers are in good condition. Most of the time the garage will ask you if you want your windshield wipers replaced if necessary when you get your oil changed. Say yes next time to ensure your safety when driving in the rain! Making sure that your headlights and tail lights work will also help you if you have to drive in the rain.

Ensure Rain Sensing & Other Windshield Wipers Work

Not only should you have your car properly maintained with lights, tires, and windshield wipers; you should also know how to use all of the features in your car. Learning how to turn on your windshield wipers when you are in the middle of a torrential downpour is not the best idea. Know how to turn your lights on and use your windshield wipers before the need arises. Do not forget to use your windshield wipers once the rain starts coming down. The speed of your windshield wipers is adjustable so find the right speed the rain that is coming down. Most states require you to have your headlights on when it is raining outside.

It Takes Longer to Stop in Rain

When you are on the road in the rain you will want to make sure that you slow down. Wet roads slow down the reaction time of your vehicle. It will take you longer to start and stop when the roads are wet. You do not want to run into the car in front of you simply because it took you longer than anticipated to stop at a red light. Give yourself plenty of time to drive safely by reducing your speed.

Avoid Hydroplane Car Accidents

Another great tip is to try and avoid standing water at all cost. Standing water can cause your car to hydroplane, or skid across the surface of the road. Most of the time if you are just willing to be patient and move over you can avoid driving through large puddles of standing water. If you do end up hydroplaning take your foot off of the gas and steer in the direction that the front of your car needs to go. Do not slam on your brakes or make sudden turns.

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Citywide Towing Service hopes that these tips will help you stay safe while driving in the rain. If you find yourself stuck on the side of the road in the rain or in an accident give Citywide Towing Service a call. We can come out and help you get your car towed to a mechanic or other requested location.

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