How to Avoid 5th Wheel Travel Trailer Flipping Accidents & Needing a Towing Service in Flower Mound, TX!

When taking the 5th wheel out on the road, it generally indicates that there will be some fun outdoor activity in store. There are some risks that come with towing a 5th wheel to the intended destination and back again, however. One of the most common issues attached to transporting your 5th wheel to your ideal destination spot, is having the camper flip over. When it does flip, you want a reliable expert such as Citywide Towing Service assisting you with heavy duty towing services to get you back on track. With this in mind, we at Citywide Towing Service would like to further elaborate on the matter.

Causes of 5th Wheel Campers Swaying & Flipping Over

There are quite a few folks in Dallas, TX that enjoy their 5th wheel trailers. Though these trailers are usually stable and reliable, this rig can potentially sway and roll over hazards, and you should be aware of these concerns every time you transport your 5th wheel. To greatly minimize that chance of needing heaving duty towing on your holiday, you need to apply proper towing procedures and stay vigilant against the probable risks. All contributing to a 5th wheel camper turning over includes a few variables such as wind speed, miles per hour you are traveling, and improper towing protocols.

Fifth Wheel Towing Capacity & Safety Tips

Check the following list below before you tow a 5th wheel trailer.
1) Truck’s Towing Capacity. Verify the vehicle’s towing capacity and never tow a trailer that is heavier than the indicated limit.
2) Invest in Sway Bar. While towing, this helpful tool can even out the weight and height of the trailer.
3) Make Certain Trailer is Level. A sway in high winds can come from a trailer that is not efficiently level.
4) Hitch is Secure. Before you pull out, double check the hitch. The 5th wheel could come lose and roll over if it is not secure. This creates extreme dangers for you and other drivers.
5) Weather. Consider postponing the trip until the winds subside, especially if your trailer is very large if the immediate forecast projects high winds.
6) Brake Easy. You could lose control of your trailer if you slam on the brakes. When driving in strong winds or when going downhill, this risk only increases. To slow down, lower the gears.
7) Reduce Speed. The faster you travel increases the likelihood of the trailer swaying. Be safe and reduce the speed.

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To be safe, always allow yourself plenty of time to get to your destination while towing your 5th wheel, especially if ideal conditions are not applicable. Have Citywide Towing Service’s contact information stored in your cellphone just in case your 5th wheel flips over. Our professionals have the expertise and are well-equipped with state-of-the-art towing equipment to give your 5th wheel a heavy-duty towing service. With our qualified specialists, you can rely on dependable professionals getting to your location as quickly as possible. Once there, Citywide Towing Service friendly professionals will assist you safely and efficiently.

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