How to Avoid Flat Tire on the Road in Dallas, TX; Air Inflation Pressure, Wear Patterns & More

Getting a flat tire fits nowhere in a person’s day to day schedule. It can be more than an inconvenience at times. If there was any way to avoid it you would, right? Because, not only is a flat tire inconvenient, but it can be dangerous when you are driving at high speeds. Luckily, there are several ways that can help you avoid getting flat tires. Citywide Towing is here to share some tips that are sure to keep you from getting that dreaded flat tire.

Wear of Tires Has a Lot to Do With Keeping Tires Inflated

When it comes to your tires, you want to be aware of their wear patterns mainly because it can help you extend the life of your tires. If they are wearing unevenly, they can cause many problems to your vehicle, one being a flat tire. There are several ways that you can stay on top of this and avoid getting a flat because of uneven wear.

Check Your Tire’s Air Pressure

Having your tires over or under inflated is one of the biggest problems in uneven wear. If your tires are over inflated, it is more difficult to handle your vehicle and the ride is going to be much rougher. When your tires are under inflated, they will not last as long and will wear much quicker. Your vehicle’s manufacturer’s booklet tells you exactly what your tires should be inflated to.

Keep an Eye on Your Vehicle’s Brakes to Avoid Flat Tires

Brakes are one of the most important elements of your vehicle along with your tires. They should be checked on a regular basis. If your brakes are not in good shape or they haven’t been properly adjusted, they will cause uneven wear on your tires.

Other Tips to Help Prevent Flat Tires on Your Car

There are other steps you can take to avoid getting a flat tire:
1. Buy the Right Tires for Your Vehicle – When purchasing tires, choose ones with puncture resistance tread. If they have a thick tread, you will be less likely to get a flat.
2. Avoid Construction Sites Where You Could Puncture Your Tire – If it is possible, avoid streets where construction has been taking place. There is a bigger risk of nails and screws to puncture your tires.
3. Keep Compressed Air in Your Vehicle to Inflate Tires – You may not always be able to make it to a gas station that provides compressed air to help you get to the nearest shop. For this reason, it isn’t a bad idea to keep a can of compressed air in your vehicle with you.

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Flat tires seem like they are inevitable sometimes, even if you have followed all the steps mentioned above. If you find yourself stranded because of a flat, Citywide Towing offers roadside assistance 24/7 to help get you back on the road as soon as possible. You can trust that there is a member of our staff on standby no matter what time day or night to offer you the help that you need. Call us today!

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