How to Avoid Getting Car or Truck Stuck in Mud in Balch Springs, TX & Winch Out Towing Solutions

Recent weather in Texas has dumped a bit of rain leaving some areas with mud and puddles. When driving through puddles or mud, any vehicle is at risk of becoming stuck. Often cars will dig themselves deeper when the tires lose traction during acceleration. When you find yourself deep in the mud, you may wonder how you are going to get out. Citywide Towing Service will share how to turn when you find yourself stuck deep in the mud and a few tips to prevent future dig-ins.

What to Do when Car is Stuck in the Mud

When you find yourself stuck in the mud and you can’t get out, you will need to be winched out. Not everyone has a buddy with a truck and winch to help them get out of the mud. During the stormy seasons, tow companies are at their best. Towing companies provide winched out services which will get your vehicle out of ditches, ravines, or when they are stuck in the mud. When you are stuck in the mud, instead of digging in deeper, the best move is to contact a towing service. They can quickly respond and will get your vehicle out of the mud.

How to Avoid Getting Vehicle Stuck in Mud

When you are stuck in the mud, the solution is simple: Seek out a professional towing and winch out service. However, to prevent getting stuck in the mud, there are a few basic tips that all drivers should know. Following are some of the top best tips to avoid getting stuck in the mud.
• Release some of the air out of the tires and let them get a little flat. The flattened tires give the vehicle more traction by increasing the tire’s width. This is often referred to as “foot print.” Never go below 15 psi and don’t leave the tire flat for an extended period of time. If you live on a dirt driveway or simply plan to do a little off-roading, flattening the tire a little will help prevent getting stuck.
• Reduce speed but don’t ever stop the vehicle. Sudden increases of speed cause the tire to dig into the loose ground. The same thing occurs when you come to a complete stop. When you attempt to move forward again, you can dig your vehicle into the mud. When driving through mud slow down but keep a good moderate speed and don’t stop until you are on a solid surface.
• When driving through mud, consider using a lower gear and throttle. By using a lower gear or throttle you can maintain better traction.
• When driving through the mud not only should you maintain a slow but constant speed, it can also help if you drive in a zigzag pattern. Again the zigzag pattern helps to prevent digging into the ground by creating wider patterns with the tires. However, if you see a rut used by a previous vehicle, follow the ruts. The ground has been compacted which provides a better surface for the tire to grip.
• Another tip is not to follow a vehicle through the mud unless your vehicle is properly prepped. The vehicle in front of you may have all-wheel or four wheel drive, and/or has already flattened their tires. Know the state of your vehicle and only proceed through mud if the tires or vehicle is able to drive through muddy conditions.

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