How to Determine if Your Car is Totaled & Dealing with Insurance After an Accident in Duncanville, TX

No one is ever anticipating a car accident happening in their life. The devastation that can be caused by a car accident can be completely overwhelming. You could have doctors’ appointments to make it to, insurance agents to deal with, cars to get towed, mechanics to line up – the list goes on and on. Knowing the procedure to follow regarding your car can be tough to navigate.

How to Deal with Insurance After a Car Accident

You will need to deal with the insurance company to open a claim. The insurance company will assign an adjuster to your claim. The insurance adjuster will need to determine what they are going to pay out for your claim. If injuries occurred during the accident the adjuster will include payment for the injuries sustained. They will also determine what portion to pay for your car.

How to Determine if Your Car is Totaled After an Accident

A car is defined as totaled if it is a total loss after an accident. Let’s explain what that means. Generally, if a car needs repairs that total 70% or more of the total value of the car, the car is determined as totaled. If you have a car that is valued at $10,000 but needs $8,000 worth of work, it is labeled as a total loss. If a car is considered totaled they can salvage any parts or scrap metal from it and then the car is totaled after that. In order to determine the value of your car, insurance companies will find similar models for sale in the area you live in. They will also cross check that value with Kelley Blue Book. Your adjuster should provide you with a copy of the estimate so that you can see if you agree with their estimate of your car’s value. When determining whether your car is a total loss or not there are a few things that the insurance company will consider. Your car type is taken into account when evaluating your car. High-end cars are treated differently than cars that are more average in price. The age and condition of your car are also looked at during the insurance claim process. If the mechanic does not feel that your car can be safely repaired, it is a total loss as well. Some states have laws that mandate when a car should be totaled based on mathematical equations. Insurance companies generally have two reasons for determining that your car is a total loss. First, it benefits you because are able to get money to buy a new car. Second, the insurance company is able to save money on costly repairs.

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