How to Fix Engine Knocking Due to Carbon Building & More to Avoid a Car Breakdown in Dalworthington Gardens, TX

When on the road and you begin to hear a knocking noise coming from under the hood, this is never a good sign. That knocking sound could be an indication of minor to serious problems. Being on the road becomes more hazardous and you may be at risk of a breakdown before you reach your destination. When you begin to hear a knocking noise you should consider taking your vehicle to the mechanic before you run find yourself broken down on the side of the road. Citywide Towing Service will share what that knocking sound could be.

Worn Rod Bearings

An engine rod bearing is vital. They are responsible for movement and performance of the pistons. The bearing aids the pistons up and down motion with little effort. Each time the pistons goes up and down the air compresses and mixes with the fuel that powers the engine. If the rod bearings are going out, the pistons will not move smoothly and the fuel won’t be able to power the engine properly. Often when the rod bearings are worn down they will make a rattling or knocking sound. If the rod bearings goes out while you’re on the road, your engine will not get the fuel it needs and will stall out.

Carbon Buildup in Engine

One of the most common reasons why an engine will develop a knocking sound is due to carbon buildup. Carbon buildup can occur in various places around the engine. When it becomes excessive around the spark plugs or the fuel ejector the engine performance will be affected. More fuel will be needed to power the engine and you will notice the need to refuel more often. You will find your vehicle is burning more fuel than normal. If this is accompanied with a knocking sound, you should have the engine cleaned to remove the carbon buildup.

Bad Spark Plug

When a spark plug goes bad or malfunctions it can cause a few different issues, including knocking noises. In some cases, even the wrong spark plug can cause knocking in the engine. If the gap is too big or small between the spark plug, a slight knocking sound will occur. The spark is either dirty due to carbon build up or is the wrong type. Cleaning ad replacing spark plugs is an easy fix. To make sure your vehicle is running efficiently, make sure to have the spark plug checked when you hear a knocking sound.

Poor Fuel Quality

Most people don’t realize that poor fuel quality can also cause distress to the engine. Fuel with low octane ratings can cause knocking sounds. When the octane levels are low the fuel will have lowered ability to resist premature detonation when it mixes with air. This type of fuel, as it burns, can create the knocking like sounds. To correct this problem you can remove the poor fuel and replace it with good fuel or try mixing the poor fuel with better fuel.

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Depending on the cause of the knocking that comes from the engine, repairs can be easily done. However, other causes can leave you stranded on the road, so make sure to have the knocking sound investigated. If you find you need towing or roadside assistance services, contact Citywide Towing Service today.

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